i Reflect: Deuteronomy 1: Let Go of the Past, Step Up to Your Future

Deuteronomy 1

Set back is not the end of life, it’s a break you need to recuperate for your set up. Set back is never to ground you to a halt in life, it’s meant to increase and enlarge you on every side. It’s meant to train and prepare you for the journey ahead, to mature you and give you a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. You must let go of past mistakes, guilt of the present and fear of the future. You need to let go of disobedience, stubbornness, doubt, disbelief, self reliant and rebellion, they’ll only ground you to a halt in life. You need to let go and let God, stop wasting life in circles. Life is too precious to be wasted, step up to your destiny. Your journey through life’s wilderness is enough, it’s about time you stepped into God’s promises for your life. Everything you need to step into your destiny is ready for you. Have faith and have courage. Go forward and move into position.Set-back-is-not-the-end
God’s plans for your life is not to for you to stay stagnant, it is to prosper you and to give you a future. You have a brighter future ahead of you. God’s hands are upon you for greatness and its imperative that you understand who you are in God, that’s responsibly the cause of your seeming delay in life. God is full of light and there is no darkness in HIM. His intentions for your life is greater than you can ever imagine but He needs you to know His ways and understand his works. He has prepared a way for you to thread into your blessings. He has prepared a life of greatness that honors him for you. His plans for you surpasses all imagination. He is the God who took a shepherd boy and set him over the Israel as a king, He took a prisoner and set him up as a prime minister. He took a prostitute and set her in the lineage of grace.


You must understand that His thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are his ways your ways. He will do what he has purposed in his heart for your life. He sees everything that you cannot see. He sees your past, your mistakes, you present, your rebellion and He knows your future. His hands are upon you to prosper you and give you all that your heart desires. Only move into position and allow God deal you with his favour. Obey him and allow his kindness surge through you to the world. Be brave, do not let your heart be troubled, renew your mind, believe in God and move into position.

This ‪#exhortation‬ was inspired from studying the book of Deuteronomy 1. We ‪#‎pray‬ it blesses you as you bless others with it. ‪#‎Renewyourmind‬ ‪#‎Transformyourlife‬ ‪#‎Createyourworld‬ ‪#PraythroughtheBible #‎DailyBibledeclarations‬


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