i Reflect: Deuteronomy 2: Turn Over a New Leaf, Move Forward

And the Lord spake unto me, saying, Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward”.

Deuteronomy 2: 2-3Deuteronomy 2
Is it not interesting that God told the children of Israel to turn northward? in simpler words, turn a new leaf, move forward. Mount Seir was not a place of rest or settlement for the children of Israel, it was a passage by the way of the red sea but they stayed on that mountain for far too long. Perhaps they were getting a little bit complacent during the passage, or may be they were just lost. Whatever kept them for far too long on mount Seir, God was not happy with it, He told them “Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward”. The man by the pool of Bethsaida stayed in one position for far too long as well. Jesus had to intervene before he turned a new leaf; ‘Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk’ John 5:8. Walk means move, advance, that very day was the beginning of a new leaf for that man. He no longer remained on one spot, he moved forward in life rejoicing. When God intervened in these situations, what He was saying is, stop running the rat race, break free of situations and circumstances that hold you captive, renew your mindset, stop being complacent and turn over a new leaf.

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Many times we behave like the children of Israel. We dwell for far too long in one state of mind, crying over spilled milk, over thinking things we should have just let go, dwelling on issues that does not add more years to our lives. We dwell on what went wrong and what we did right. We relish in history and allow it to hold us captive. Dwelling in a job we are frustrated in for far too long, getting complacent in a relationship we are not happy with, wasting precious moments on projects that lead no where, complicating things that should have been so much easier and simpler. If a relationship does not work out, then it’s not meant to be, if that project does not turn out the way you wanted, move on to the next and do better; if situations and circumstances hold you captive, break free of stereotypes and find a way forward. There is so much more in store for you in life, quit dwelling on situations beyond your control, turn it over to God, move forward and turn over a new leaf. There is no need clinging to past experiences full of regrets, appreciate the goodness in the past, be thankful for the present, hopeful for the future.
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