3 Ways You Need to Turn Over a New Leaf

“Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the Lord spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days”. Deuteronomy 2:1

The children of Israel journeyed into the wilderness, away from their destiny, away from their mission in life, away from a place of settlement and far away from accomplishing their goals in life. Worst still, they stayed wandering about in a place where God had not sent them, they stayed there for far too long till God who intervened. How then did the children of Israel turn over a new leaf and moved forward to their destiny? Many times we follow the lifestyle well suited to our fantasy, living the life we thought is the best for us, travelling on the journey set ahead of us by us, driving the wheel of life as if we own it all; the truth is, life in itself is a gift from God and can only be enjoyable when we live it according to God’s plans and purpose for our lives.
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How lucky were they that God intervened and instructed them on the way to go, finally a clear instruction on which way to follow, what to do when they encounter attacks and what the future holds. God is still in the business of intervention and giving clear directions. His thoughts for us are for peace and not for evil, also to give us a hope and a future. God is ready to move you into your destiny if you would give him a chance, listen to His instructions and simply obey. Perhaps you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and again, and perhaps you are on the verge of frustration and giving up, don’t give up just yet. You can still turn a new leaf and move forward in life.
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What then do you do if you want to move forward but lack the energy or strength to proceed? First, Assess your situation clearly, be completely honest with yourself and surrender it all to God. Are you on the right track towards your goal in life or towards the future? Is your current situation leading to the life you’ve always wanted? Are you living the life God intended for you? Are you walking in your purpose in life, are you meant to be here at this particular time? If it’s a yes then you are on the right track, move forward and if it’s a No, then, consider the following steps/advice.

  1.  Acknowledge God in that situation. Go to God in prayers. If you need him to fix the situation, He will. Everybody travel on the road they think is the best in life, only to come to the end of the journey full of mistakes and regrets. Some people actually crash the wheel of life during the journey due to frustration and lack of strength to go on. The Bible says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”. Do not lean on your own understanding thinking you know the best for your life, acknowledge God in all your ways, allow him to guide you through this journey of life and He will direct your path.
  2.  Fix your mindset. Accept your responsibility; what part did you play in the situation? Did you try your best to avert the situation that eventually led to the end of things? Accept that you probably tried your best and since it didn’t work out, then it’s not meant to be. If it was meant to be, it would have worked out.
  3. Listen, trust and obey. Had the children of Israel not listened to godly counsel, they would have wandered in the wilderness much longer wasting precious moment. Some of them would have given up on their quest to inherit Canaan, some of them would have cursed God and died, some of them would have become a living dead with heaviness and discouragement in their heart. But they all listened to God, trusted in Him and they carried out everything he instructed them to do. They came out victorious at the end of it all.

Deuteronomy 2, Deuteronomy 5:33, Proverbs 3:6, John 14:23

If this resonate with you and would like someone to pray with you, then give us a Call. If you take on the advise and you see any changes, do share your testimony to feature on the website. If you know anyone who needs this encouragement, please share this article. God bless you.


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