4 Rules of Declarations

  • It must explains something
  • It must emphasize the truth. God’s word is the truth. When you make a declaration using the word of God, you are laying an emphasis on the truth, you are saying out loud what God has already said about you, you are stating the truth over your life. In the situation where you states the truth over your life all the time, the truth always prevails.
  • It must acknowledge the fact. For example when you declare, ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want’, as a Christian who understands that God is the one who protects, directs, guides and provides for your needs; you are making an acknowledgement of the fact that God is indeed your provider and you shall not want.
  • It is an assertive statement, Not because you have the power to bring your words to past but because God is backing you up through His word.



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