I Declare I Am Bold and Courageous

More often than not trials and tribulations knock down our confidence and self-esteem. We become fearful and careful as we analyse our strengths in decision-making. Stepping outside of our comfort zone becomes a major decision making and most of the times, we would rather step out of the boat .

You can be bold and courageous if you will lay down your weaknesses in exchange for the strength of God. God has not given you the spirit of fear but that of boldness. He said to Joshua, be courageous. To Moses he said, I will be with you and to you God has promised victory if you will trust him.

Make a declaration of faith
I declare I am courageous in adversity, victorious in battle and obedient to godly instructions at all times. I will experience God’s power in difficult times, God’s help in helpless situations and God’s love in lonely times. My mind shall be in perfect peace for the Lord God is on my side. I will do exceedingly above and beyond all expectations for the Lord God is for me. The Lord God is with me, I will not be afraid, He will strengthen me and help me in all situations and I will trust in Him. This is my declaration. God with meGod is for meGod's powerI am courageous


Meditation: I meditate on these scriptures/ Bible verse to overcome fear
Prayer: I pray these prayers for courage and boldness
Reflection: I reflect on this words inspired from the Bible

This ‪#‎declaration‬ was inspired from studying the book of Deuteronomy 3. We ‪#‎pray‬ it blesses you as you bless others with it. ‪#‎Renewyourmind‬ ‪#‎Transformyourlife‬ ‪#‎Createyourworld‬ ‪#‎DailyBibledeclarations‬ ‪#‎Overcomefear ‪#‎courage ‪#‎boldness‬

If this resonate with you and would like someone to pray with you, then give us a Call. If you take on the advise and you see any changes, do share your testimony to feature on the website. If you know anyone who needs this encouragement, please share this article. God bless you.



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