iReflect: Deuteronomy 7 – You Are A Treasure With A Purpose

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You are precious in the hand of God. You are a treasure with a purpose. You are worth more than rubies or gold, you are God’s greatest treasure. Just as a groom has treasures for his bride, a teacher has a reward for his hardworking student and a mother her love for her children, so has God lined up treasures for his chosen. What a privilege to have been chosen by God! Under the sun or the moon, God’s greatest treasure is the treasure of you, the treasure of you. That’s a good news Steven Curtis Chapman. This is not a cliché, it’s the truth.

Lord Alan Sugar chooses an apprentice at the end of his TV series to become his new business partner. The apprentice who, despite facing fierce competition from his/her peers, proves himself/herself worthy of the training does not only get the backing of Lord Sugar, winning the competition opens up new channels and opportunities for his/her career choice. Can you imagine what that apprentice must feel when he is chosen by the business mogul?

The children of Israel were a nation specially chosen by God, to become a holy nation, a royal priesthood and to show forth His glory. Though they weathered some storms before the promised land; they escaped slavery from Egypt, went through the wilderness, escaped death at the red sea, fought enemies on the journey, and after forty years of tests and trials, they did not give up, they had their eyes on the promised land. Can you imagine their joy when they laid their eyes on Canaan?

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You have been chosen by God for a special assignment. You have been chosen as a vessel unto honour (2 Timothy 2:21-23), undergoing training as an apprentice to become a vessel of mercy (Romans 9:23-24) that you might receive a crown of victory (James 1:12). You must prove yourself worthy of God’s great treasures. Your life must conform to the image of Jesus Christ. Your life is not a spoof, it has been given you for a reason. Everything you have been through are training grounds for your calling in life. Your dreams are about to become a reality.

If you believe in God, get with the blueprint. Your journey to becoming you, may have twists and turns, God is ever ready to be on that journey with you. He wants to walk with you and help you be successful. Your complexity does not matter, neither is your simplicity. What really matters is that you become like Christ succeeding in every sphere of life and eventually winning the crown of victory. God has chosen you as His apprentice on earth, be patient, have faith, listen to godly instructions, obey His commands and He will fulfil his promises to you.

Have you included God in your decisions? Is He involved in your plans? Are you aware of His plans for your life and are they aligned to His purpose?

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