Heartfelt Prayers To Walk With God

iPray-Dear-Lord-Draw-meDear Lord, Draw me close to you
May I walk with you dearly, talk to you clearly
Write your laws in my heart
May I experience your presence and
daily acknowledge your essence
Lord, Set my eyes on you like a flint
Give me wisdom, give me insight
Give me grace and send me help
to resist the devil and to do your bidding.
This I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Dear Lord, I submit to your authority.

Have your way in me. Write your laws in my heart.
Give me the grace to obey your commands.
Deliver me from evil and let your light shine on my path.
Keep me steady in your plans. Let no iniquity overcome me.
Give me good success in all that I do.
I pray in Jesus name. Amen
Psalm 119:133, James 4:7, Joshua 1:8

Dear Lord,

Keep me focused on you that I may live long
Help me to resist the devil that he might flee from me
May I walk with you in humility that I may enjoy your presence
I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Dear Lord,
Keep steady my steps according to your promise
Let no sin have dominion over me
May I walk with you in obedience all the days of my life
I pray in Jesus name

For more heartfelt prayers to walk with God, iPray-Dear-Lord-I-submitiPray-Dear-Lord-KeepDear-Lord-Keep-mevisit ChristiansTT
Would you like to study the Bible and Pray with fellow Christians? then give us a CALL. If your life has been changed through this reflection, please do share your Testimony to feature on the website. If you know anyone who needs this encouragement, please share this Site. God bless you.

Please click on these highlighted texts to complete the session on Love God
I declare God’s word for transformation in my life.
I Meditate on these scriptures to renew my mind in walking with God
I Pray this prayer to God for help into creating a new world in Christ Jesus.


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