How Unforgiveness Works

Unforgiveness works like a breathing exercise. When you hold out for too long, you experience different difficult stages of life until you pass out. To understand it, let’s take a quick breath holding exercise. Hold your breath for a moment and observe what happens. How long were you able to hold your breath for? What happened when you held your breath? Were you able to hold your breath for longer than two minutes? Did you gasp for air when you finally released yourself from that exercise?

Some people are able to hold their breath for longer than two minutes. This could be because of many reasons. Those people are either avid swimmer and have been trained on how to hold their breaths for longer. It doe not mean that they do not experience some form of difficulty within them, it just measn that they are able to endure difficulty a little bit longer than everybody else. But for the majority, you may realise that you are not able to hold your breath or much longer than two-minute, a maximum of five-minute, in which case, I really praise you.

It does not matter how long you are able to hold your breath for, what really matters is what happened when you held your breath. When you hold your breath, you deny your body the oxygen it needs to function. After holding your breath for a while, oxygen will run low in your blood, CO2 will be increased, and you would have the urge to breathe. You may then realise that everything within your body sends a signal to every organ for lack of oxygen in your blood and, you would start to feel dizzy, light headed, your heart starts beating faster, your bp goes up, and you will begin to lose consciousness until you pass out.

This exercise is exactly what happens when you live in unforgiveness. Naturally you experience a rush in your blood stream at the sight of the person who aggravated you. You get tensed up as all kinds of toxins are released in your body causing you to break out in emotional outburst or outrage. This may increase your bp leading to a heart attack, making you physically ill until you eventually give up the ghost.

Unforgiveness degrades humanity and strips one off good moral values. Forgive. It is not good for your state of mind, mental, emotional status, physical and spiritual well being. Let it go. There is no need holding out to unforgiveness. Let go and let God. Forgive. It does not matter how long you are able to hold on to unforgiveness for, what really matters is your well being. What matters is your freedom and the surge of relief you experience when you finally let go of the pain. Forgive and forget.



unforgiveness.jpg 3


Are you struggling with unforgiveness in your life? Make this declaration to forgive today. Declaration of Forgiveness will usher you into a place of prayer to forgive others. Be blessed.

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