Day 20: I Declare That God’s Promises For Me Shall Be Fulfilled

What are you believing God for? Is it taking a little while to materialise? Is your faith failing and your patience waning? Have you started to doubt that God might not come through for you? Trust in God. ‘With men things are impossible but with God all things are possible.

Remember Sarah? she waited for ninety years before she had a child. Her child was the covenant child. Remember Hannah? she too waited for a while before she had her child. Her child was the prophet Samuel who served his country for many years. Remember Joseph? he spent seventeen years in prison. He came out to become a Prime Minister of Egypt.

Your moment of the miracle will come. Your answered prayer will materialize. Your hope will not be crushed. Everything God promised you will come to pass. Do not give up. Set your face on God like a flint. Set your mind on God with unshakeable faith. Though the vision tarries, wait for it, it shall surely come to pass. (Habakkuk 2:3)

I declare that God’s promises for me shall be fulfilled. His counsel over me shall stand. I will experience an outburst of miracles. Everything God said about me shall be fulfilled without delay. What is impossible with man is possible with God. I am confident that no word from God will ever fail. He will fulfill all of his promises to me. I believe that there is nothing too hard for God to do. He will cause everything on earth and in heaven to work out together for my good. Though the vision tarries, it will surely come to pass. I will be patient and trust that his plans and purpose for my life will come to pass. I will wait for the Lord until his counsel over me shall stand. This is my declaration. Jeremiah 32:27, Psalms 138:8, Luke 1:37, Luke 18:27

Do you feel your faith waning? do you need an assurance about God’s promises for you? Make these declarations out loud until your faith is restored. May the God of miracle speed up answers to your prayers.

Declaration of God’s Promises

God's promises

God's promise

nothing is too hard for God

God's counsel1
God's promises shall be fulfilled

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