How Christians Can Grow In Favor With God

Jesus grew in favor with God. You too can. Jesus is your role model. You are a seed of Christ. Let your life mirror the life of Christ. As a child, he grew in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and man. He should be your role model as a Christian. He was submissive to his parents(Luke 2:51; Eph. 6:1; Col. 3:20). He went about his father’s(heavenly father) business(Luke 2:49; Eccl. 12:1). He lived selflessly for others (Mark 10:45; Phil. 2:4). He set his mind on God’s purpose for his life and he accomplished God’s will in His life (John 6:38). He is an example everybody should follow (1 Pet. 2:21).

Jesus grew

Jesus is your role model

To grow in favor with God, you must grow in maturity and build your character. You must choose a life of integrity like Joseph who, though in prison, chose to live in all honesty and in kindness to others. Choose a life of holiness like Daniel who refused to defile himself with the King’s meal. Choose a life of obedience like Abraham who obeyed God despite not knowing where God would settle him. Choose a lifestyle of righteousness like the disciples of Jesus who chose to live for Christ alone.
reflect Christ

Any Christ follower who must grow in favor with God must be ready to be pruned. You are a seed of Christ and every seed that does not bear fruit will be cut down, the seeds that does bear fruit will be pruned ready for the master’s use. You must live a life pleasing to God. You cannot be complacent with life after salvation. You must strive for spiritual growth that leads to favor with God. Your life must mirror the life of Christ. and you must grow in favor with God just as Jesus did.

Jesus came to give you life abundantly. Not a life of mediocre. Not a rat race life. But a life abundantly. To live that life, you must make a decision to grow in favor with God. Those who walk with God and love God with all their heart and their mind always find favour with God. You must walk with God. Love him with all your heart and mind. Serve him diligently and live a life pleasing to him.

Mary found favor with God – The angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God.
(Luke 1:30). David found favor in God’s sight to build a tabernacle for His presence. (Acts 7:46) And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.(Luke 2:52). Favor is that honor, goodwill, God’s special approval on your life. You cannot find favor with God if as a Christian you do not have the fear of God nor obey God.

Samuel obeyed God when he delivered his message to Eli and grew in favor with God and with man. Esther found favor with God after three dyas fasting an dpraying, as a result she also found favor with the king. Daniel had the fear of God when he refused to bow down to Baal, God gave him favor with the king and spared his life in the lion’s den.

I was crumbling under the weight of debt when God gave me a clean slate and a new start financially. Now I am debt free. That is God’s favor. God’s goodwill, God’s honor bestowed on humanity, God’s approval over your life is not something you expressly deserve. Yet God bestows it upon whomever he chooses to give it to. He is not obliged to bestow his favor upon you. Out of the goodness of His heart, He chooses to give it to you. Choose to grow in that favor today.

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