I Declare I Have The Potential For Greatness

You have potentials to be great and your potentials are limitless. As a child of God, you have been created to be creative through the spirit of God that empowers you. You have been made in the image of God to rule and reign on earth just as your father in heaven reigns over everything on earth and in heaven. You have the breath and power of the omnipotent, omniscience God in you to stay alive and work wonders. You have been made alive in Christ. You have been created to be conformed to the image of Christ and to be transformed through the renewal of your mind. You are full of potentials, you must bring them forth intof fruition.

Make a declaration of faith
I declare, my potentials are limitless. God says so, I believe in Him. So shall it be. This is my declaration.
I have the potential to be great
I declare I am empowered to be innovative, creative and reproductive. Through the spirit of God in me I will accomplish great things. This is my declaration.
I am empowered

I declare, I will speak and bring forth great things through the breath of God on the inside of me. This is my declaration.
speak forth

I declare I will reproduce good things on earth through the spirit of God that empowers me. I am alive in Christ that I might do greater things than Christ himself did on earth.
empowered in Christ
reproduce on earth
I am empowered with the breath of God in me to stay alive and be fruitful. I am fortunate and highly favoured of God. I will grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I will multiply on earth both physically and spiritually.

With God on my side, I will fulfill God’s mandate to multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion. The Lord has released his blessings over everything he created and I am part of God’s creation created for His blessings. Therefore I am blessed when I go out and when I come in. I am worthy of adoration, I am capable of living a productive life. I will grow and produce good beneficial results on earth. This is my declaration. Genesis 1:28

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Early Morning Prayer: Declare and Pray through the Bible in a year with others on Skype.
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