I Declare and I believe God is with me today. I will be strong and courageous. Today is a God day.

#Ideclare and #Ibelieve that God is with me today. I will be strong and courageous. Today is a God day and a God day is a good day. I will have a good day. Say it. Believe it. Live it.

What are you afraid of today? what mountaineous task is placed before you that you must accomplish. What issues must you face but you dread to get into it? Take a deep breath. Today is a God day and a God day is a good day. A man named Joshua became a leader in his community. He was faced with mountainous task of leading his people into God’s promises for them. His name was Joshua. He never expected to be chosen as a leader. He was probably more than happy to be one of the people to be led. He had traveled in the wilderness alongside everybody else.

Joshua experienced thirst, hunger, tiredness, doubts and worries like everybody else. He saw the crankiness, disbelief and the disobedience of the Israelite, and he saw how they all took out their frustrations on Moses the leader. This was a role and responsibilities he possibly did not prepare himself for and neither did he see himself in the position of Moses. It was all too much for him to believe or handle. But God knew Joshua and his strengths. God saw what Joshua could not see in himself. God knew Joshua could deliver the task at hand and God encouraged Joshua saying, do not be afraid of the future. I will be with you. Only be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9

When Jesus was going away from the surface of the earth he saw the heart of his disciples, their sorrow, fear and doubts. Jesus encouraged his disciples and commissioned them saying; go and make disciples of all nations, I am with you always even to the end of the age. Mathew 28:19-20

If you will obey God and listen to his instruction. God promised to be with you even till the end of the earth. I just want to encourage you. Whatever has happened or may happen to you today. Remember, today is a day God has created just for you. Today is a good day and a good day is a God day. God is with you in whatever you do. Say it, Believe it, and live it.

Make a declaration of faith
I believe God is with me today. I will be strong and courageous. Today is a God day. Amen.

Tag someone. Share with friends and families. God is with you.


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