I Declare Jesus Can Do Anything and I Believe All Things Shall Be Done For Me Through Jesus.

A man once went to Jesus and asked him to heal his son who was possessed of an unclean spirit. The man recognised that Jesus can do anything yet his words said otherwise. In his action he brought the son to Jesus but in his own words he doubted, saying to Jesus, “if you are able to do anything, have pity on us and help us.” Mark 9:22

Jesus recognised how desperate this man wanted his son to be delivered, and though he did not condemn this man, he however, chastised him by saying; “If you are able! – All things can be done for the one who believes”. Mark 9:23.

In essence Jesus was saying to the man, Do you believe? Today allow me to ask you the same question, Do you believe Jesus can do anything you desire? Do you believe that you can achieve your goals, accomplish your tasks, fulfill your dreams and walk in your destiny? Those who believe will have their heart desires fulfilled.

Do you believe or do you have an inkling of doubts in your heart like that man who needed help? Have you brought your personal problems to Jesus yet in your heart, you are not too sure? Are your words in line with your thoughts? No matter what you are facing today, Jesus can straighten it up and strengthen up your faith. Jesus can level up any insurmountable mountains.

Do you have overwhelming tasks to tackle, goals to accomplish and perhaps desires you need fulfilling? If you believe Jesus can do it, all things can be done for you. If you will stretch your faith a little bit farther, if you will let go of doubts and unbelief, if you will let go of logic and allow Lordship of Jesus over that situation, all things will be done for you.

Will you believe Jesus can do anything? Will you believe all things can be done for you? Whenever you find yourself in a dilema today, will you remember that if anybody can’t help you Jesus can and all you need to do is believe.

Make a declaration of faith

I declare Jesus can do anything. I believe all things shall be done for me today. Through Jesus I will accomplish my goals and receive all that my heart desires. God said it, I believe it and so shall it be.
I-declare-Jesus-can-do (2)


Mark 9:17-27


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