Biblical Declaration of Faith for Provision

Whenever I need provision of any sort I reach for my Bible and I declare in faith; The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want (Psalms 23:1). I declare this scripture because I am aware that Shepherds always provide for their sheep. They go to any length to look for food, water and shelter for their sheep. They go beyond providing the basic needs, they guide, direct and protect their sheep. I have made the Lord Jesus Christ my shepherd and Jesus is a good shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep (John 10:11-15). Therefore I am convinced that he will provide for all my need and yours.

What do you lack? What do you need? What exactly is it that you want? Are you unemployed, call upon Jesus the good shepherd. Are you single looking to be married, call upon the good shepherd for a good husband and companion. Are you hungry, call upon Jesus the good shepherd to feed you, do you need clothing? Jesus is more than able to clothe you, do you need shelter? Jesus can provide. Do you need guidance, counselling, comfort, protection? What do you need? Call upon the name of Jesus. He is a good shepherd and he will look after you.

Shepherds lead. Shepherds guide and guard. Shepherds direct. They are responsible for the safety and welfare of their flocks. As a good shepherd, the Lord looks after the welfare of his children. He makes sure that they are in good health, they are fed, sheltered, guided and guarded, well rested, provided for, they lack nothing. Even their hair is taken care of.

King David understood the role of shepherds. More so he understood the role of Jesus as the good shepherd. That is why he said, the Lord is his shepherd. He acknowledged Jesus as his shepherd. King David surrendered himself to the Lord as his shepherd. Not because he saw himself as an animal but because he saw beyond the physical. He was being metaphorical. He simply recognized the Lord as the good Lord who leads, guides and guard, provides for his children. He saw beyond the realm of the physical and he had the revelation that the Lord is responsible for the safety and protection of his own.

You may choose to see the Lord differently. He may not be a shepherd to you but he may be a father to you. He may be a God to you or a king. You can attribute those names and authorities to the Lord if you so wish to do so. But allow me to introduce Jesus to you who is a shepherd and a good one at it. Jesus said he is the good shepherd. There are bad shepherds who do not care for their sheep but Jesus is a good shepherd who looks after his own. He will do everything in his capacity to provide for you, to protect you, to guide and guard you, to lead you in the path of life and in the paths of righteousness. He will lead you besides still waters and allow you to lie down in green pastures.

If you know Jesus, Call upon the name of Jesus and he will do whatever you ask in his name. If you do not know Jesus, call upon his name still and he will come to your aid.

Make a declaration of faith
The Lord Jesus is my shepherd. I shall not want.

Jesus is a good shepherd, I will not lack anything good. Jesus watches over me and no evil shall befall me. I will not go astray but I will dwell under his shelter listening to guidance and directions from him.

Jesus is my shepherd. I hear his voice and I obey. He guides me int he path of righteousness for his name sake and I shall not go astray.

I call upon the name of the Lord and he answers me. Jesus is my shepherd I shall not lack anything good. I shall not lack a good companion for he set a good shepherd over me and he settles me in a good home.

Jesus is my shepherd, I will not lack employment for he leads me to a green pasture(a good company to work with). Jesus opens a great door for effective work for me and I shall enter therein for good works.

Jesus is my shepherd, I shall not lack a good house over my head for he leads me beside still waters(a good house in a good neighbourhood).
This is my declaration. God said it, I believe it and so shall it be.

Psalm 23


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