Say Out Loud Jesus I Believe

I believe in Jesus and I am saved.
I Believe in Jesus and I am set free
I Believe in Jesus and I am no longer condemned
I Believe in Jesus and I sin no more
Jesus I believe!

Some believe in their own strengths
Some believe in their wealth
Some believe in other gods
Some believe in their friends
Some believe in their families
Some believe in their governments
Some believe in their abilities

I believe in Jesus for he does not fail.
World’s wealth will fail you. People will fail you.
Authorities will disappoint you. Other gods will definitely fail you.
But Jesus? He fails no one and disappoints no one.
His arms are opened wide to embrace you with love.
His heart is locked on you to love you till eternity.

His name is powerful, it delivers
His blood is powerful it heals
His hands are stronger they save
His eyes are miraculous they work wonders
He is steadfast in love, faithful in his words.
He is powerful in his fights and miraculous in his works.

His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, it can never perish.
His dominion is an everlasting dominion, it isn’t going anywhere soon.
He is the way maker, miracle working man, a promise keeper.
He is the light in the darkness.
He is the way, the truth and the life.

If you believe in him he will save you.
If you run to him he will deliver you.
If you cry out to him he will heal you.
If you surrender to him he will turn your life around.
Search for him today and you are guaranteed you will find him.
Open up your heart to him and he will come into your life.

He will love you like no one has ever loved you.
He will accept you when everybody rejects you.
With him there is no condemnation but conviction.
With him the way is clearer and the world is brighter
He does not abandon his own and he does not forsake his own.

Anyone who believes in him will never remain the same again
Anyone who trusts in the name of Jesus will be saved
Anyone who relies in his words will never be let down
Would you believe in Jesus?
Are you ready to say Yes to Jesus?

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