I declare the Lord Jesus Is My Shepherd. I Shall Lack Nothing.

#ideclare the #Lord #jesus is my shepherd. I lack nothing. Ps. 23:1

The Lord Jesus is indeed your shepherd. He’s a good shepherd. He will not suffer his sheep. He always look out for his 🐑 sheep. He calls out to his sheep and his sheep his hear his voice and they obey.

A good shepherd sees to it that his sheep lack nothing. Jesus is a good shepherd and he will see to your needs. The Bible says Jesus is a good shepherd,his sheep hear his voice and they obey. Not everybody is Jesus’ sheep. Not everybody recognizes his voice, not everybody obeys his commandments and certainly not everybody recognize him as their shepherd, and not everybody follow him.

Whenever you are obedient to the Lord’s commandments, whenever you yield to his voice and follow him, he watches over you, providing for your needs, leading and guiding you on the right path for your life. If you have made Jesus your shepherd, you shall lack nothing. Its a promise of God and God is bound by his word to fulfil it.

May you lack nothing henceforth in Jesus name. Amen.

Make a declaration of faith.
I declare the Lord Jesus is my shepherd, I shall not lack anything good.

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