Thank God for New Beginnings!

Most people often see the start of a New Year as a fresh start. We write new goals, new vision, missions and objectives for the new beginning. And we hope for the best to accomplish tangible things in the year. Congratulations! You made it into the New Year alive. Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness in your life. Shout it out from your lungs and let the whole world know the Lord is good and his mercies endures forever.

Many people wish they would see and make it to the new year but they did not make it. You made it into the new year not because of your doing; you made it into the year not because of your good deeds nor for your good look, you made it because the Lord God is gracious to you. He showers you with his mercies, he sustains and helps you in all your doings. What could have swallowed you up in the year 2016 only served as a conduit to a new you? Today you are alive, you are still standing and you can hope for a better tomorrow.

Sing a song to the Lord:
Every Living soul, every living soul praise the Lord (4)
The most High reigneth, the most High reigneth
The most High reigneth in my life today(2

Today is a brand new day, a new start and a new beginning for you; make it a day of praise to the Lord your God. Sing him a new song, send him words of thanksgiving, appreciate who God is in your life, shower him with your love for the new dawn. Here is a song that came to mind as I prepare this post, it is a song by Ron Kenoly; sing along:

Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.
Let all the living proclaim,
Let everything that has breath,
Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord with loud cymbals; praise Him with resounding cymbals(Psalm 150:5) praise Him with acoustic, with drums and with tambourines. Praise the Lord from the deepest of your heart. Here is a little help, something to help you in the praise to the Lord; Lets sing another song to our God, please sing along to Don Moen, Think about his love..

Sing: Think about his love, think about his goodness
Think about his grace that brought you through.
For as high as the heavens above,
so great is the measure of our father’s love,
Great is the measure of our father’s love.

Praise the Lord for the mercies he showered upon your life. Praise the Lord for the grace he makes readily available for you. Praise the Lord for his unfailing and unending love. Praise the Lord and thank the Lord for a new dawn and a new day.

Declare a Praise to the Lord
I declare a praise to the Lord. I proclaim his greatness over all the earth. I sing praises to him and I speak of his wonders. For he has done marvellously with me. He has given me a brand new beginning, an opportunity for a brand new start. I will praise him for the rest of my days.

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