10 Ash Wednesday Bible Declarations of Repentance For Christians Observing Lent

Repentance is not for sinners only, it is for new Christians, matured Christians and everybody who is capable and willing to admit personal wrong doings (James 5:15, Ephesians 5:11), accept own responsibilities (Romans 14:10) and make peace with God and man. Though we live in a world where people hardly admit wrongdoings, this is not the Christian way to living life in abundance. The Christian lifestyle would be to realize personal mistakes, admit wrong doings, repent and refrain from repeating the same mistakes again. In the history of Christianity, Ash Wednesday has been consecrated for such an act of repentance.

Repentance is when the thief on the cross rebuked the other thief saying; “Do you not even fear God, since you are under the same sentence of condemnation? We are suffering justly because we are getting what we deserve for what we have done; but this Man has done nothing wrong” (Luke 23:40-41). Repentance is when the despised tax collector considered by the Pharisees to be the worst sinner, went up to the temple to make amends with God. He beat his chest in sorrow, saying, ‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner’ (Luke 18:13).

A state of self-reflection brings us to repentance and one that we must continuously observe like Job, who often sought God’s forgiveness for his children should they had sinned against God (Job 1:5). Should you be joining other Christians worldwide to observe lent, you are are taking the right step in trying to be right with God and knowing him more through fasting and praying.

In addition to preparing yourself for baptism, focusing on your relationship with God, choosing to give up something or to volunteer and serve others during Lent, below are Ash Wednesday Bible declarations of repentance for new and matured Christians observing Lent. Let the word of God be a sign of the cross to you as you speak it into existence and allow the word of God to wash over you in reflection and in repentance.

Make a Declaration of Faith

  • I declare in repentance and rest is my salvation, in quietness and trust is my strength (Isaiah 30:15).
  • Today I repent of all my sins and I turn to God who will wipe away my sins, and I know my time of refreshing is now (Acts 3:19)
  • I know whoever conceals their sins will not prosper. Today I come before God, no longer willing to hide my transgressions but choosing to lay myself bare and confess my transgressions. I will forsake my sins henceforth that I may obtain mercy and prosper (Proverbs 28:13).
  • I know God is faithful and just to forgive my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9), therefore I confess all my transgressions today and I know I am forgiven.
  • I pledge to prove by the way I live henceforth, that I have repented of my sins and turned to God (Matthew 3:8).
  • I am a child of God called by God. I humble myself today under the mighty hand of God praying and seeking his face for the forgiveness of my sins. I vow to turn away from all wicked ways and I know God will hear me from heaven and heal me on every side. 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • I will draw near to God, and he will draw near to me. I will Clean my hands and purify your heart. I will mourn and weep for my sins are beyond bearable. I humble myself before the Lord, and he will exalt me (James 4:8-10).
  • Thank you God for the forgiveness of my sins. I am confident that as I repent of my transgressions, heaven rejoices over me and I am forgiven (Luke 15:7).
  • Thank you God for as I have returned to you in repentance, you have blotted out my transgressions like a cloud and my sins like mist. Hallelujah! I am redeemed (Isaiah 44:22).



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