Declare Your Faith as New Christians

Doubt may set in. Confusion may find its way to you. Friends may mock you. The family may dissuade you. Colleagues at work or an acquaintance may taunt you. It’s all the ploy of the enemy to shift your focus away from the true God. It’s all a plan of the devil to make you afraid of the glorious future ahead of you. The devil does not let go easily. When he sees that you have made the beeline to turn your life around for the best and you have accepted Christ as your Lord and saviour, he will try all in his capacity to deceive, tempt and lure you out of God’s marvellous light.

The devil’s tactic is to steal, to kill and to destroy and he will try all sort to stop you from believing in God but do not give in. Stand firm in your faith. When you find yourself tempted, facing trials and tribulations, do not falter. When your sheer willpower can no longer support your belief in God, then make a beeline for the word of God and speak the following biblical declarations to strengthen your faith in God.

Make a Bold Declaration of Faith with Me Today
I have not been giving the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind. I am not afraid of what man can do to me as I set my face on God like a flint, I will not be moved.

My mind is alert, my heart is receptive. I am obedient to the word of God and it sets me free.

I declare that my kingdom is not of this world but it is set in the heavenly places filled with power and authority. It is set above principalities and powers of darkness enabling me to no longer conform to the patterns of this world. Henceforth, I set my eyes on things above in the heavenly Kingdom, I will obey its rules and regulations and I will reap the reward thereof.

I am a child of God graced with an inheritance of eternal life through my saviour Jesus Christ. I fight the good fight of faith with Christ on my side and I have victory until I sit next to him in eternity.

My new life is hidden in Christ and I have a new stake in the heavenly kingdom as joint heirs with Jesus and I have a new name which is written in the book of life, I am assured that nothing can take me away from God’s grip. My life is hidden in Christ. I will no longer turn my back to this new life given to me through grace but I will remain loyal, faithful and steadfast in my new found faith till God calls me home to be with him. So help me God.

I declare that I have the mind of Christ. I am no longer subjected to the flesh but I walk in the spirit and I reap the reward thereof.


God makes everything to work together for my good from now on, He is the one who has called me according to his purpose and it is to him I am answerable.


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