Seeking Forgiveness from God

Those who come to God for the forgiveness of their sins must first believe that he is a God who forgives sin. He does not hold back from us because we have sinned against him rather he reaches out to his children with mercy and compassion in his heart. God is not petty and he does not keep scores with anybody. He is love and he does not keep records of wrongdoings. He searches much deeper within the hearts of men and he measures our motives more than our actions. He is compassionate and attentive to those seeking the forgiveness of their sins genuinely. He is full of mercy and he does not like the death of sinners. He is willing to forgive your sins and my sins for as long as we come to him with a genuine repentance in our heart.

Think of God’s mercy like the internet you use on a daily basis. Sometimes when you have been browsing the net, you may have too many windows open and your browser may freeze and this may cause a disruption to your work. In order for you to continue using the internet, you will need to shut down all the windows opened and you will need to refresh the window for a fresh start. This is God’s mercy towards his children. He erases our sins on a daily basis, he wipes the slate clean and he gives us a fresh start the following morning. He gives each one of us blank cheques at the start of each day. His mercies are new to you and I every morning.

It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or the day before yesterday or the years before that, God showers new mercies upon his children on a daily basis. This means that your past sins are forgiven for as long as you confess them and repent from them. It means that your daily errors are erased for as many times as you recognise them, repent from them and turn away from them. This means that you have a brand new slate on a daily basis. This means you have a new day to start afresh and begin again because of the mercies of God expressed to you on a daily basis.

If we were to be judged by God according to our sins, nobody will be able to stand God’s wrath yet instead of him being angry with us, he showers us with his love. Instead of keeping records of our wrongdoings he does the opposite, he dismisses our mistakes and gives us a second chance to try again. This is your chance to grab that forgiveness and live life in abundance. So perhaps you have been struggling to accept the forgiveness of sins from God, the following declarations will help open your heart to receive this gift of God that is readily available to you.

Make a bold declaration for the forgiveness of sins with me today

Today I tap into the mercies of God for the forgiveness of my sins. I believe my sins are forgiven me and they are abandoned in the ocean of forgetfulness never to be remembered again. Henceforth, I have a clean slate before the Lord and I choose to live in freedom. I choose to start my day afresh in the mercies of Jehovah who gives me a brand new beginning every single day.

Surely God’s goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life. I extend the same mercy which I received from the Lord unto others and my errors are erased. I will no longer hold on to the hurts from those who offended me but I release them into the hands of the Lord to deal with them in accordance to his mercies.

Henceforth, I choose to walk in compassion. I will put myself in other people’s shoes and I will not hold them at ransom for their errors nor for their mistakes towards me. I will be sympathethic, sensitive, sensible and understanding towards others. I will walk in forgiveness and show the love of Christ as the Lord gives me grace.

Today I choose the path of righteousness. I will b careful to observe the Lord’s commandment, to be vigilant and to stay away from sinning against God. I will keep the doors of my mouth shut so that I do not sin against God and I will walk in the fear of God all the rest of my life.

I receive the mercies of God readily available to me anew and I choose to extend the same mercy to others around me. I will no longer hold grudges or keep malice against those who offend me and I release them into God’s hands so that he might deal with each person according to his mercies.

Henceforth I will walk in compassion and show the same mercy I have received to others so that I can also be forgiven.


I receive the forgiveness of sins in my heart. I believe that my iniquities are pardoned, my transgressions are blotted out and my sins are casted into the depths of the sea because of God’s great mercy. I show mercy to others just as I have also received mercy. God no longer remember my sins because of his great compassion on me. I am forgiven (Isaiah 43:25, Micah 7:7 8-19).

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