Affirm Your Adoption Into God’s Family

Did you know you were adopted into God’s family through Christ Jesus? It is National Adoption week and it gives me great pleasure to announce to you that you are one special individual chosen by God to be a part of a bigger family. Contrary to your belief or what you might have experienced in life, you are not alone. You have a complete family of God who loves and cares for you. You have brothers and sisters in Christ who you can reach out to and do life with.

Since your adoption into God’s family, heavenly father has placed his mark upon you and this mark distinguishes you from other children in the world. Henceforth nobody will trouble you because you have this mark on you that says you belong to God.  Our great father has also released his Holy Spirit to you who testifies that you belong to God and you are a child of God. Listen to him and you’ll testify of his presence in your life.

It may take you a little while to understand your grafted into the family, let these be paramount in your mind; your sins are forgiven you, you are accepted by God, you are loved by God unconditionally, your new family accepts you just the way you are. You have been specially chosen to be a part of a bigger family. You are a child of God and you have the Spirit of our father living in you. Henceforth You can now have a sense of belonging.

As a young adult faced with rejection times again and again from friends, family, acquaintances and strangers alike; I always felt like a stranger in new environments no matter how much I tried to find my feet, to try to belong, to try to know why I was where I was, to seek acceptance and to try to know who I was in the midst of the crowd. This experience led praying to God to bless me and give me the grace to adopt children outside of my immediate or extended family so that they can experience love, security and acceptance of a bigger family network they so need.

I have since found out that God exemplified adoption and these desires of mine for his children. In his infinite mercy, he predetermined and predestined the chosen ones for adoption into his big giant family. He adopted us and places us among brothers and sisters in Christ just so that we would not feel alone in an unknown world and we can have a sense of identity in the family of God. He drafted us from the kingdom of darkness and grafted us into the kingdom of light so that we can be well grounded in our new family. Thanks to God’s adoption, we can experience a sense of belonging, security and love of a bigger family. The void in our hearts can be filled with his compassion, a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction for our souls.

We no longer need to grope in the darkness of lost identity or having the sense of being left alone in the world unknown. We no longer need to keep searching for activities to do in the world just to fill the void in our hearts. God adopted you and me in order that we can have a sense of worth, belongingness, identity, love, affirmation and acceptance. Through Christ, we know who we are and whose we are. We are children of God adopted into the kingdom of light through Jesus Christ and we have been gifted with the spirit of God who testifies to us that we are God’s children.

The blood of Jesus paid the price for our sins and we are no longer condemned to hell but we have been adopted into the wonderful family of God. We are no longer slaves but children of God. We are no longer alone but we belong to a larger network of family led by the father of the fatherless and the father of all fathers on the earth – God the father. So when faced with trials and tribulations, we ought to reach deep within and pull out our family emblem. We ought to face those giants with a deep knowing of who we are and a full confidence whose we are. We ought to let the world know that we overcome the world of sin and flesh through our adoption into God’s family by Christ Jesus. We must not forget that we have been bought with a high price and are no longer castaways but we are adopted children of God.

Whatever trial or tribulations that may have shaken your faith in your heavenly father should be faced with the word of affirmation and your assurance in God. As it is National Adoption week, reach out for the following Bible declarations and declare boldly your adoption into God’s family through Christ Jesus. Let the words be written on your heart and embedded on your mind to bring you fresh memories of God’s love and mercy till eternity. or perhaps you are like me who would like to adopt children but unable to do so just yet, through Compassion UK you can sponsor a child for twenty-five pounds a month in the meantime until doors are opened for a bigger move.

Make a bold Declaration of faith

I am a child of God.

I am loved unconditionally by God.

I am specially chosen by God for his good purpose and he is pleased with me.

I do not need to pretend to be who I am not neither do I need to cover up for my mistakes because God already forgives my sins and he accepts me just the way.

Jesus is my big brother and he teaches me the way to live on earth; to love God with all my mind and might and to love others as I love myself.

I am not alone in the world but I belong to the most powerful family on earth through who I can draw strength and be empowered for abundant life living.

I accept my brothers and sisters in Christ with love and compassion to support and encourage one another and to live life together as our heavenly father planned it for us.

I carry the mark of Christ on me and henceforth no evil shall trouble me.

I am no longer a slave to sin but I am a child of God and I overcome the flesh through the spirit of God who dwells in me.

I am an heir to the throne of God (Galatians 4:7-9)

I declare that I am not a mistake to the Kingdom of God. God is intentional about me and he chose me long before I was conceived or born to be a part of his bigger family. Henceforth, I will do exploits for God and bring honour to his kingdom.


I declare God’s mark of adoption is on me for a good purpose to obey him and to do his will on earth. Therefore God’s agenda in his will for my life will be fulfilled. As I yield to obey him, I will not be weary and as I will walk to do his will, I will not faint because he strengthens and enables me for his good pleasure.


I declare that I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly place through Christ because I am a child of God and an heir to the throne of God my father.


I declare that I am a good choice for the Kingdom of God. God placed his mark of adoption upon me from before the foundation of the earth and I will live in holiness so that the world may honour God through Christ who lives in me.


I declare I am the beloved of God. He bestows upon me the grace to be blameless before Him and I will walk in uprightness till he calls me home ( Ephesians 1:3-6)


I declare that I am no longer under the law but I am now a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus. I am no longer a reject but I am specially chosen and accepted into a wonderful family of God.


I declare that because of God’s love and mercy towards me, I am no longer condemned to die in mysery or to end up in hell, instead I have been drafted and grafted into the kingdom of light, into an eternal life so that I can live with Christ in eternity.


I am chosen by Christ and accepted by the saints into God’s Kingdom. I am no longer rejected or condemned to hell. I am no longer forsaken to die and perish in sin. Now I am a child of God. I have been drafted from darkness into the kingdom of light. I am being grafted from disgrace into grace and from judgement into a life of mercy. I am no longer on the outside of grace but I am on the inside of mercy and love. Henceforth. I will thrive on on love and live in mercy with humility in my heart. I will live holy and blameless before God and I will work out my salvation for as long as grace and mercy are suffient for me. God loves me. I am his own child whom he adopted into his family. He is proud of me and he shows me of to the world. Now the world will call me a blessed child of God.(Galatians 3:24-25)


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