Adoration for Jesus

It isn’t all the time that we focus on self. Sometimes we must focus on God, his son and the Holy Spirit. We must look up to heaven and sing a new song to God. We must serenade the Triune God with words of adoration. God loves to hear from you that you love him as much as he also loves you.

Here’s my little way of serenading Jesus with words of adoration. Join me to adore Jesus with the following

Monday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Big brother Jesus!

I adore you Jesus, the lion of the Tribe of Judah.
I admire your love for others, my big brother.
I love the way you look out for me and watch over me
I love your strong arms of protection you wrap around me
I love your big shoulders upon which I lean on to cry
You have a heart of gold filled with compassion for the lost.
You have penetrating eyes that search out every intention of the heart.

Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding
Thank you for gentle rebuke when I am being naughty
Thank you for your never ending love that you shower over me
Thank you for always being present to wipe away my tears
Thank you for imparting knowledge of the father into me at all times
Thank you for being such a good though tough example to follow
Big brother Jesus, you are my hero

Tuesday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

O come! let us adore him.

We don’t have to wait till Christmas before we adore Jesus. He is worthy of our adoration at every day, every minute, every second and every hour of our lives. He is our big brother with a big heart of gold filled with love and compassion. He sacrificed himself for you and me so that we can get closer to the father. Please praise him whilst you can.

I adore you big brother Jesus
For your belief and your relentless effort to carry on the father’s business despite its cost have me hooked for life.
Your mission to bring honour to the father’s name is contagious.
Your commitment to reunite the lost with the father is next to nothing.
Your value for excellence is an Art none can duplicate.

Wednesday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Profess your feelings for Jesus

This season has changed and soon it will be Christmas. We will get ourselves gifts and celebrate the birth of Christ. And then we will move on and forget about him until another Christmas rolls by.

Have you ever thought how Jesus must be feeling? Has it ever occurred to you that Jesus would love to hear about your feelings for him? He longs to know what you think about him and what your thoughts towards him are. That is one of the reasons why he asked his disciples, “who do you think I am?”. .

Jesus has feelings too just any one of us do and what better time of the year to admire, adore, and tell Jesus exactly how you feel about him. .

You don’t have to wait till the Christmas day before you can think about Jesus and what he has done in your life this year. This is one of the best time of the year to talk to your big brother Jesus about your feelings for him.

O come, let us adore and admire our big brother Jesus.

Big brother Jesus, I admire your love and compassion for others.
You have a heart of gold and you are always doing good things for others.
You have the mind of faith that sees beyond the physical to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.
Impossible is not in your words. With you all things are possible.

Thursday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Appreciate His Selflessness

Jesus was selfless till the end. Not once did he ever focus on himself. He was and still is always thoughtful. Always thinking about others and our father. Appreciate him for all his thoughts towards you.

I admire your selflessness big brother Jesus.
You were and still is always so thoughtful.
Not once were you selfish.
Not once did you craze for an audience with the crowd.
None of the things you did for humanity was focused on you

Your mission was always for others
To heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, even at the expense of your life kept you going.
There is not one person who called upon you that you ever turned away.
There is no time you ever went out just fornyour own sake.
When you went out, it was always for someone or something.
You are always present and always giving
You are always warm and ever open.

Friday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Appreciate the Kindness of Jesus

God is kind to us. He sent Jesus to live with us and to show us himself. Jesus never failed in his mission on earth. He was focused yet he was full of compassion for others.

You are kind and you are full of mercy
You are bold and you are courageous
Your strength to carry on in the face of opposition is admirable
Your belief in our father’s business is commendable.

Your deep insight into simplifying complex situations is matchless
Your selflessness to the people you came to save is worthy of praise
Your fight for justice is honourable
Your infinite wisdom is uncountable.

Saturday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Jesus my big brother
You are beautiful on the inside and on the outside
You are perfect in character and always seeking to please the father
You bring peace in chaotic situations and you calm the storms of life
You deal with the young and the old with great mercy and fairness
You lead people out of darkness into the light with immense compassion

Sunday Adoration Declaration for Jesus
Jesus is powerful. His name is the name above every other names on earth. At the name of Jesus, every knee.bows in heaven and on earth. At the mention of his name, nations are saved. The sick are healed, the oppressed are delivered. Praise him and adore him.

Jesus my big brother
Your power is incredible, no one can contend with it and win
Your fire is unquenchable, no one can stand its way or else they are consumed
Your passion is irresistible, it captivates everyone you encounter
Your vision is untameable, it spreads wide and far for the father’s good pleasure

I love you Jesus my big brother.
You are beautiful on the inside and on the outside.
You are the faultless carpenter with a flawless character.
You are the all wise big brother who shares wise banter .

No shame is found in you.
No guilt is laid on you.
You are gentle in your dealings with people.
And you are kind to the oppressed.

You do not disregard the old or the young.
There is no segregation in your world.
You welcome the young as well as the old
Everyone is equal to you
And everyone is welcome in your world

Strong Praise to Jesus

I appreciate you Jesus
For your many sacrifices for me
And most especially your death on the cross of Calvary.
I know your mind was made up to do it
To fulfil our father’s wish
Tando reunite as many of us as possible with the father
To bridge the gap between us and the father
To bring peace into our lives through your death

No one can stand in your way and win
Nothing commands your attention more than the love to which you came
All the elements of the earth obey you
The wind obeys you and it calms the storm
The earth hears your voice and it vomits the dead
Water gives up its power so that you can walk freely on it

I want to be just like Jesus
I want to do just as you do
I want to walk like you and talk like you
I want to bring honour to the father’s name just as you have done
And I want to be with you forever till eternity

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