Pray for a Heart of Humility

In my quest to be Christ-like these days, I have found myself saying prayers for a heart of humility. Whilst I believe this is a start to my personal revival, I also believe this is a prayer everybody must engage with. Because everything really begins from the heart.

This hearts need building up in faith, it needs developing in Christian character, it needs continuous growth in maturity in Christ, it needs mending, it needs healing, it needs refocusing, it needs restoration and sometimes it needs deliverance too. It is the heart that the Lord works with and not the looks.

If then we are willing to be useful vessels in the hands of our God, then we would turn to the Lord for a change of our hearts from selfishness to selflessness, from self-centeredness to people oriented. We would be praying to the Lord to remove a heart of stone – stubbornness and pride from us and to give us hearts of humility that is so much needed in our Christian character.

The Lord said in his word that “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray. And they turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land”

When King Nebuchadnezzar exalted himself above God as the only mighty king on earth, the Lord taught him a great lesson he would never forget. He became like an animal. He dwelt among them and he ate among them until he acknowledged God as the Almighty and the only true God. That was when the Lord lifted him up from the animal kingdom and restored him back to his kingly throne.

Perhaps you find that your prayers are yet to be answered? You may just need to check the state of your heart. When you consider your intentions and you humble yourself, the Lord will hear from heaven.

For that response you have been waiting for from heaven, the following declarations might help in setting the state of your heart right before the Lord.

Make a bold declarations of faith with me today
I declare my heart belongs to Jesus. I will obey his instructions and clothe myself with humility. Today I will keep in constant check the state of my heart and reflect upon my actions. I will align myself to the message of Jesus on humility and avert myself from being proud hearted.

I declare my total submission to God’s instructions and guidance for my life today. I acknowledge my sins of pride, arrogance and boastfulness and I repent of them all so that the Lord will hear me. I humble myself under the mighty hand of God and I choose to turn away from all ungodly activities. Henceforth the Lord will hear my prayers and he will heal my heart.


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