5 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You Be Completely Humble

Humility is not one of the Christian character traits we often see in people these days. Everybody is self-centred and self-focused. In fact, we are often encouraged to take pride in ourselves, to put ourselves forward for that promotion and to take pride in our achievements. Yet the message of Christ is that we completely humble ourselves, think of others first and be the servant of all if we want to be the greatest amongst all.

If my attitude and behaviour were to be as anything as close to being Christ-like then the Lord would not have a need to perform a surgery on my heart. He would not have to remove stubbornness and pride from me and he would not have to give me a heart of humility. I would have to be humble and now, I would have continued to grow in humility traits until I am completely humbled.

One thing I have come to realise though is that no matter how much I try and how decent I perceive myself to be, I am in desperate need of this gift of humility much more now than ever before. I have come to realise recently that humility is one of those Christian characters that only a few exhibits in the Christendom yet it is so much needed in the body of Christ.

How many of us today can say that we are truly humble? That we would leave the comforts of our homes, our beds, our families and friends to be among the outcasts, to care for them, to love them and to provide for them? God wants us to not just be humble but to be completely humble. To do good for people without telling anybody else that we did it for them. To swallow our pride and apologise when we are wrong. To Let go of our egos even when we are right. To consider others first and put ourselves in their shoes before we act or react against them.
Perhaps today, you want to reflect on the states of your heart, Ask the Lord to search your heart, to remove a stony heart from you and to give you a heart of flesh so that you can be more like Christ on earth.

Speak the Word of God over yourself and change your world today

Day 1
Today I open up myself to guidance from the Lord. I submit myself to the Lord in humility and he teaches me his ways (Psalm 25:8-9)

Day 2
I will not use my freedom in Christ for selfish things but I will use it to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ in humility and in love (Galatians 5:13)

Day 3

Christ has enabled me with the grace to be selfless, henceforth I will not think too highly of myself but I will humble myself and think of others first.

Day 4

Today I will humble myself and chase harmony rather than chaos. I will correct in love and not enforce my authority or poser on others. I will think of other’s feelings and approach them with humility in my heart.

Day 5

Today Jesus will be exalted in my life. I retrieve myself and I exalt Jesus in all my doings. With His help, I have a new vision and I will value others above myself. I will celebrate other people’s strengths and promote their interests that honour Christ in the world (Philippians 2:3-4)

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