Thank God for Jesus!

Some gifts are more than just a gift. This was the slogan ending the recent advert by John Lewis. It was in collaboration with Elton John who was seen sitting by his piano playing and singing a song. As he sang he journeyed through the memory lane and reminisced on his life and his career throughout the years, from adulthood down to his childhood and when his mum gave him his first piano as a Christmas gift. This advert makes me think of Jesus Christ whom the heavenly father gave to the world as the perfect gift.

If not for the selflessness of Jesus where would the world be today? We celebrate Christmas these days because of Jesus Christ, the Messiah who became din for us to become righteous. Jesus is the only gift that is more than just a gift to humanity. He is the selfless king who left his throne to come to earth through a virgin, born in a manger and lived his young adult life as a carpenter before getting into a full-time ministry.

Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all time who has done so much for you and I. He came to show us the way to the heart of the father, the way to heaven and to show us the way our heavenly father thinks and operates. He was able to do this for us by giving himself as a perfect sacrifice on earth. Nobody else in the book of history has ever done what Jesus Christ has done for humanity on earth.

We ought to thank God for Jesus Christ who made himself nobody so that we can be somebody. We ought to thank God for Jesus Christ through whom our sins have been forgiven and reconciled us back to the creator. We ought to thank God for Christ who bridged the gap between humanity and gave us free access to God the father

I like the song: “Christ alone, cornerstone, weak made strong in the Saviour’s love. Through the storm, he is Lord, Lord of all. It is written by the Hillsong Worship and born as a response to encourage the church during the 2011 shooting massacre in Norway. It was a difficult time for everyone by Christ the “Cornerstone” gave everyone strength during the trying time. This song is interpreted in my mind in a different way. To me, this song is expressing a heart of thanksgiving to God the father for the gift of Christ.

Action Point
Have a think through your life and thank God for Jesus in your life.


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