Show Off the Gifts Within

Nobody hides away a precious gift? Instead, they tear away the wrapping paper to reveal the hidden gift and they show it off to the world. In like manner, you ought to uncover the gifts of God within you and show it to the world. You ought to let the world encounter God’s great gift deposited within you. You ought not to allow God’s investment in your life go to waste. You must express the great gifts within you.

Some people are good at hoarding and hiding gift items. But of what use are those gifts when hidden away? They can only sit pretty hidden unless they are brought forth, showed off and put to good use. You were not created to be a hoarder of God’s gifts. You were made to be creative and expressive.

Adam who was created in the image of God and after his likeness, was empowered with gifts and abilities that enabled him to creatively named all the animals in the garden of Eden. There he lived and ruled over the animals (Genesis 2:7-20) whilst fulfilling God’s mandate upon his life.

You were also created in the image of God and after his likeness just like Adam. God has empowered you to be like in him in creativity and in the expression of your gifts. You ought to rule and dominate in your sphere of influence. You ought to express your creativity. You ought to show off the gifts within you for the benefit of the world.

You were created to be a blessing to many. You were called to be a part of God’s vessel on earth. Do not hide away from the world and do not hoard the gift of God within you. Invest your gifts in the world and you will reap a heap of returns. Apply yourself with these gifts for the benefit of others and you will receive more from the Lord.

You need to show off your gifts if they are still carefully stored away inside you. God has not deposited those gifts there just for them to sit pretty without any use. They are in you for others (1 Peter 4:10). You are gifted so that you can help others with your gifts. You are gifted so that you too can gift other people with your uniqueness. You must call forth those creative gifts within you.

Are you one of the hoarders with the gifts of God within you? When are you going to stop shopping and hoarding? When are you going to bring out those gems, appreciate them and put them to good use? You are not going to take them with you when you leave this world and you are not going to use them in the afterlife. So call them forth, bring them out, appreciate your gifts and put them to good use. The more you use your unique gifts for the benefits of others the more gifts you will receive from the Lord (Matthew 25:14-30). The world is waiting to benefit from those gifts within you. Bring them out and show them off for the glory of your heavenly father.

Speak the Word of God and Change Your World Today!

I declare I am skilful. I am talented. I am God’s handiwork created to do great work on earth. I will show forth God’s glory in my life (Ephesians 2:10).

I declare I have great and perfect gifts embedded within me. They have been planted by my father in heaven to empower me. This is the right time they germinate, bud, grow, come forth and show off for God’s glory on earth (James 1:17).

I declare I have the seeds of greatness within me. They will propel me forward to great places and I will serve before kings and not mere men (Proverbs 22:29).

I declare I will serve others with the gifts I have received from God and in all things, God will be glorified through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4: 10-11).

I declare I will be faithful with the gifts of God within me and I will enter into the joy of my Lord.


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