Speak Happiness Into Your Year With God’s Word

This world is far too busy and far too preoccupied with activities that it often forgets to make happiness a part of its everyday living but the world can only function fully when it intentionally pursue happiness regularly. It is part of God’s plan for your life despite its elusiveness in the world. It is included in your inheritance through Christ and you have the right to claim it regularly using God’s Word.

You need to speak it into existence, pursue it throughout the year and it will come alive for you. Make it a point of duty to speak happiness into your day first thing in the morning and you will cultivate the attitude of happiness throughout the year. It will lighten your mood, attract the right people to you, open great doors you have never imagined and it will take you places you have not planned into your year.

Speak it over yourself as often as you say the Happy New year greetings to your loved ones. Declare it into your life until it affects positive changes in your world. Speak happiness over your life in alignment with God’s word for your New year goals and it will activate your desire for the best year ever. 

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by vain babblings and mere ceremony around the word Happy New Year. Do not be carried away with troubles and trials that may come your way but do align yourself with the Spirit of God in the word of God and declare your year a Happy one. When the world makes a mere statement with the Happy New Year greetings, you ought to pay close attention to what the world is saying, seek out and hold on to the truth in this statement, align yourself with the truth in the word of God and speak out loud the spiritual blessings over your life with the same statement. When you join in the New Year ceremony, do it with understanding so that you do not lose out on what God is saying about the year.

It is not good enough to make declarations of happiness over others without doing the same over yourself. Nobody else deserves as much as happiness as you. You deserve to live happy throughout the year. It is part of your inheritance in the Lord and you ought to be intentional about your decisions and in your choices for true happiness. If you truly want the best year, you have to take the right decision and make the right choice with your words. You need to bring your thoughts and your life into alignment with God’s word and speak happiness into your year until it manifests.

The world may be blindfolded by mere celebrations of the new year but you are in Christ and your eyes must be opened to the truth. Pursue happiness with the truth in God’s word and a truly happy year will be your testimony at the end of the year. Perhaps you have set goals and plans for the New Year without including declarations, make the following biblical declarations as part of your New Year resolutions and your testimonies will be full at the end of the year.

Speak the Word of God Over Yourself and Change Your World for the best.


I declare this will be a happy year. I will align myself with God’s plans for me and he will crown my year with good success. At the end of this year, I will testify that this is indeed a happy year (Psalm 65:11)


I declare I am the chosen child of God through faith in Christ. He makes my heart happy and he gives me bountiful joy. Hence I will give honour to him at all times and rejoice before him always for what he has done in my life (Gal 3:26, Ps 9:2, 68:3)


I declare I have a happy heart and a cheerful face. This year I will attract godly and truly happy people and I will keep away from all negative energies (Proverbs 15:13).


I declare my mind will stay focused on whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, anything of excellence and anything worthy of praise. I will dwell on these things and my happiness shall be full(Philippians 4:8-9)


I declare I am wholly endowed with true happiness that comes from God. I will draw closer to God daily and please him in all my dealings. I will follow peace with all men and he will cause my heart to overflow in happiness (Ecclesiastes 2:26)


I declare the Lord delights in me and he refreshes my spirit. He fills my heart with happiness and equips me with everything good to do his will. I will dwell in God’s word and it will fill my heart with unending happiness (Psalm 18:19, Heb 13:21, Psalm 19:8)


I declare my happiness is not dependent on the timing of man but on the Lord who gives liberally to those who live him. The Lord forgives my transgressions, he covers my sins and supplies all me with true and lasting happiness
In whatever I do, I will do it all for the glory of God and he will fill me with true happiness (1 Corinthians 10:31, Psalms 32:1-2, Psalm 23:1)

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