Trust God Completely Biblical Declarations

Trust God completely, He is the anchor for your soul. Trust Him to help you do your best and leave the rest to Him. I learnt a really good lesson from recent life experience. It is to trust in the Lord with all my heart. I had prayed earnestly to God before I started a project and he had provided the resources I needed but somehow along the way, on hitting a roadblock, I let go of God’s hands, I forgot the God who helped me to start the project and who was the driving force behind it all and I began to lean on my understanding.

The moment I started to leaned on my own understanding and I started to apply own knowledge, things went pear-shaped. Instead of praying about the difficulties I experienced, I allowed my natural senses to kick in and things went bad really quickly. That project was eventually put on hold.

Praying about this experience and asking the Lord where it all went wrong, I heard the Lord whispered to me that I stopped trusting Him in the process and instead I leaned on my own understanding of the process. Trusting God partially will only lead you to nowhere but disappointment. Trusting Him wholeheartedly, however, will lead you to pleasant experiences, extraordinary help and unusual favour with great success in all your endeavours.

It may be difficult to trust in God when you’ve just lost a spouse or when you’ve lost your means of livelihood. It may be difficult to trust in God when you’ve been waiting on God for so long for a miracle. But the truth is that it is better to trust in God than to worry and miss it all in a hurry. Telling you to trust in God when things have gone sour or when life is bad may sound like kicking you down. But this is the best thing you need to do to get your desired result. Rather than fighting or fleeing for survival, trust in God.

The following declarations could be of much help to you in trusting God completely when in difficult situations and circumstances. Speak the Word of God Over Yourself and Change Your World for the best.

Day 1
I declare my trust in the Lord’s unfailing love. He showers me with His love and sends His comfort to me everyday. He is always good to me, my heart will trust and rejoice in His salvation. He will carry me in His loving arms and rescue me from those who are too strong for me. Hence I will experience His peace all year round (Psalm 13:5).

Day 2
I declare my trust in the name of the Lord. He will answer me with great strength in time of trouble and He will keep me safe. I walk in righteousness and He seals me with His name. He is mighty and He will rescue me from the hands of those who are too strong for me (Psalm 20:7, Proverbs 18:10, 2 Timothy 2:19).

Day 3
I declare my trust in God’s perfect timing. I have not missed my windows of opportunities. Instead of a setback, God is setting me up for bigger things in life. He is working everything out for my good. I will fulfil my destiny. I will experience His favour and He will accomplish His perfect plan for my life. I am not afraid of the future because I have a God who holds my future in His hands. (Psalm 31:14, Psalm 56:3, Psalm 9:10)

Day 4
I declare my trust is in the Lord God of the heavens and the earth. He fills me with joy and peace. Hence my heart will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13)

Day 5
I declare my trust is in the sovereign God. If He has promised, I am confident that He will bring to past His promises concerning me. I will trust in Him and He will not let me wait in vain (Genesis 15:6-10)

Day 6
I declare my trust in God that He is with me wherever I go. He will not leave me not forsake me. I will not be stranded in life because the Lord is making a way for me where there seems to be no way. He is bringing me out into His plans and purpose for my life. He will fulfil His good promises concerning me(Joshua 1:9, 2 Samuel 7:28)

Day 7
I declare that I trust in God as my rock. He is my protector, my shield and the power that saves me. He is my place of safety, my refuge and my saviour. He will save me from violence (2 Samuel 22:3,51, Psalm 18:2)


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