Have the Mind of Christ

Every now and again I hear someone say to another person, can I pick your brains on something? and off they go to reason together, to share ideas that are beneficial to each other. Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes depend on other people’s ideas and opinions about something?

The marketing experts know how best to convince us to buy those products and we trust them because we know that they are the experts, they have the full knowledge of the products, they have possibly carried out their tests, surveys and analysis on this product and so we trust them to give us the best of what’s on offer.

When a man is ready to marry a woman, he asks questions and gathers information from trusted people about the woman’s family background. They do this just to gain adequate knowledge about the woman because for some reason what you know now can somehow be a pointer to the kind of future ahead.

But we do all these things yet we get it wrong. Products fail and marriages break. There are plenty of broken minds and the number of sicknesses in the world has increased without the cure for them. Nobody has the cure for cancer or for aids. Every solution is just a minute breakthrough in the world of medicine. It just shows that the genius level in this world really needs to key into the genius mind of Christ. Now imagine having the mind of Christ.

Christ has a mind that is more brilliant than any mind in the world. His mind is beyond excellent. He is more genius than all the genius combined together in the world. He spoke in parables and not one of the geniuses of the world could interpret them but himself. He knows the end from the beginning. He’s the best optician that ever existed. The best surgeon who performs the greatest operations without the need of several experts around.

And the Bible admonishes us to have the mind of Christ. It also says that the mind of Christ is already in us. This means all we need to do is to align ourselves with the mind of Christ. Receive the mind of Christ and allow it to seep through your being so that you can also act intelligently like Christ did on earth.

So come away with me today and declare the word of God Over Yourself. Speak the Word and change your world for good.

I have the mind of Christ. Because I possess the most powerful mind in my body, I am able to make intelligent conversations and I am able to make wise decisions. I align myself to the mind of Christ and I am able to apply myself to Gods purpose and plans for my life.

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