3 Things God Will Use to Test You in Life.

In life, you will go through trials and tribulations that will test your faith in God. If Abraham the father of faith was tested, you will most likely be tested. If you haven’t already gone through it, be expectant, your test is on the way! You will be tested for your faith in God. You will be tested for your obedience to God. Intentions of your heart will always be tested by the Lord. God will test you on so many things in order to help you get right with Him.

Those tests are not meant to cause you any harm but they are meant to stretch you, renew your mind, refine you and cause you to grow in your Christian faith. Your tests are meant to be your testimonies when you pass them. But when you fail your tests, you will repeat the class. Everybody who is born of water and the blood has to go through these tests at some point in their lives. Even the righteous get tested! It’s God’s way of pruning and preparing His children for greater things ahead (1 Peter 1:7). You can’t escape it.  So prepare yourself so that you are not caught unawares.

I have had my fair share of being tested by the Lord and I don’t think He’s done with me yet. I have been through lots of trials and tribulations that have stretched me and drove me closer to God. I am still standing today only by the sheer grace of God. Although tests are continuous in life until we are completely renewed, refined and transformed, God does not want us to fail and He sends help during those times. The saints in heaven are rooting us on to not give up but to hold on to God. If you fail at one time, you may have to repeat the test until you pass it and move forward but the result thereof is a great gain. 

Tests, trials and tribulations are all parts of the Christian journey. 

Abraham was tested for his obedience to God’s commandment. Thankfully he passed the test and he gained the whole world as his seeds (Genesis 22).  This upright standing man called Job was tested for his faithfulness to God. Although he met with oppositions in his tests, he too passed the test and he reaped the reward seven times more (Job 1-3).

The three Hebrew men Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were tested for their faith in Jehovah God. With very strong conviction, they maintained their cause, passed their tests and through them there was a revival in the land (Daniel 3:18)Apostle Peter was tested by Jesus and he failed, not only once but Peter failed his test twice (Luke 22:54-62, John 21). Thankfully the Lord had mercy on him and Peter was used in the kingdom of God greatly.

Would you want to know the things God will use to test you in life? Knowing these things will prepare you for the tests to come during trials and tribulations of life.

  1. God will use something precious to you: Abraham was asked to sacrifice his most precious beloved son. it must have been so difficult for Abraham but he did it anyway. I heard about the story of a trainee dentist who had spent six years at medical school and while she was looking forward to the graduation day, God asked her to give that precious career to Him. She struggled initially but she eventually obeyed and she is reaping the fruit of her obedience today. That precious thing may be a career, a lifelong desire, a special gem or relationships. Whatever the Lord asks you to give to Him, trust that He will give it back better and bountifully.
  2. God will your Pride & Possessions: Job was so attached and dependent on his children that he feared for their lives. God allowed the devil to strip him of his children and worldly possessions just to test him. Imagine building up a family and a business and somehow God asks you to give them all to Him, what will you do? It’s no wonder that the rich man who went to ask Jesus about eternal life couldn’t give up his riches (Matthew 19:16-30). If that test was given you, would you pass?
  3. God will separate you from the familiar. We often get comfortable with anything that is familiar. Whilst God wants us to have comfort, God doesn’t want us to be too comfortable. Being too comfortable is the beginning of laziness and possibly the end of fulfilling a purpose on earth. God wants to separate so that we can have a much bigger blessing. God asked Abraham to leave his father’s house and follow Him to a land he will show him. Abraham’s father’s house was a place of comfort, a place where he grew up, a familiar place but it was a place of idolatry. God needed to separate Abraham from idols in order to bless Abraham for life.

When going through tests, trials and tribulations in life, don’t always attribute it to evil but see it as some incidences that God can use to turn your life around.



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