Lord, Let Your Word Prevail In Me

Lord, my flesh burn with desires for things of this world.
My stomach churns with hunger for the food to feed my flesh.
My throat thirst for water that quenches temporarily.
My eyes lust for the worlds beauty and power that it gives.
But Lord, I pray that your word prevail in me.

Do not let my past dictate my future.
Do not let my present life unfold with ungodly features.
Make my future align with your plans and purpose for me.

Let your word prevail over me and make my life a honour for your kingdom.

I do not belong to myself.
I belong to God and He calls me His own.
Devil, you have no say over me.
I am a child of the living God.
Lies and deceits will have no hold over me.
I am a co-heir with Christ in heavenly places.
Devil, your kingdom cannot reign in my life.
Only God’s word will prevail over me.

Christ empowers me with an authority from on high.
Henceforth, I ride under the wings of Christ’s shadow.
And I overcome principalities and powers of this dark world.
God’s word only will prevail in me.

I will no longer lean on my own understanding.
I will not overstep my boundaries with God.
I will rest in God and rely on His word.
I will allow God’s word to grow in my heart.
Only God’s word will prevail over me.

This is my declaration.

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