20 Biblical Declarations of Who God Says I am

I am who God says I am. I am God’s special child. I am a treasure in heaven. I am God’s beloved. I am perfect in His eyes. Believe it or not but these declarations are true. These are the way God feels about you. These are the things God says about you and these biblical declarations are what you should regularly declare over yourself. They will help you stay in the course of your true identity in God. They will help bring your mind back to God, build up your faith in God and align you with your real identity in God.

These Biblical declarations are like those daily doses of vitamins you need to stay healthy in life. They require nothing but your daily commitment to shifting your focus from distractions of this world, setting your mind on God’s word and speaking over yourself what God says about you in order for you to achieve all the things your heart ever desires.

A failure to do this is really setting yourself up for the world to call or label you with who you are not. So why not have a moment with Christ today and speak the following declarations over yourself so your world can change for good?

Speak the Word and Change your World for Good.

I am who God says I am and God says I am His beloved
He says I am His choice out of a million others for a reason
He says I am chosen specifically for a purpose and He will fulfil that purpose for my life
God says I am greatly admired and His heart is full of compassion for me.
He says I am unique, I am one of a kind, therefore, I will not compare myself to any others.

God says He has I am worthy to be a part of His kingdom
God says I am forgiven
God says I belong to Him and I am worthy to be called His child
God says I am part of His royal family and I carry a special anointing
God says I belong to Him and I have a special place in His heart
God says I am worthy of forgiveness and I am saved by His grace

God says I am gifted and I am talented.
He calls me the light of the world and I bring the right energy into my world
He calls me the salt of the earth and I enhance the quality of lives around me
He says I am the solution the world is waiting for
He says I am appointed as a priest to nations
He says I am anointed to perform wonders on earth.

God says I am the creation of His hands and He delights in me
I am carefully crafted and creatively created.
I carry the breath of the living God and it gives me life daily.
God says I am fearfully and wonderfully made
God says I am worthy of forgiveness and I am forgiven
God says His mercy is upon me.

God says I am courageous
He says I am His warrior on earth and He backs me to win in life
God says He is my helper and He will strengthen me
He says He is my shield and He is for me at all times
When He looks at me, He says I am perfect in His eyes

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