6 Days of Biblical Declarations to Help You When Struggling with Pride

We all have pride. It is embedded in our veins right from our mother’s womb. It’s an inheritance passed down from generations to generations. It’s in our DNA. It’s that thing that makes us feel important. It’s that thing that makes us feel that we deserve better in life. It’s that thing that makes us strive for the best in life. We see it in other people and we emulate it. The dictionary describes it as self-esteem or self-importance. If you like you can call it self-respect or self-worth. It’s all the same meaning.

However, some of us have this self-worth in overdose. We fan it into flame beyond what God ever intended and it turns into pride. We turn up that self-respect a notch and we pump up ourselves above everybody else, way beyond it should be. We view ourselves as bigger, better, smarter or richer than others. We cherish ourselves much more than we cherish the people in our lives. We are self-focused and we are self-conceited. We make ourselves the God of our lives and we hardly ever listen to anybody else. Pride is not a good attribute to have. It’s not a good thing to acquire or to cherish. It actually leads to one’s downfall.

The moment we begin to look down on others, the moment we think that what other people have to say is insignificant compared to what we have to say, the moment we carry our self-importance on our heads and above everybody else around us, the moment we turn up our nose on others and we see others as insignificant but only ourselves as significant, that is the moment to know that we are operating in pride that can only end in a big bang fall on our faces.

My Story
I was challenged recently by a colleague who called me proud. This sent me crying to God. I never saw myself as proud but this colleague was not the first person to say this to me. When two or three people are saying the same thing about you or to you, then it’s probably the right time to go for a check-up. I took my check-up to the Lord. My heart needed to be examined. So I cried to God and prayed, “Search me Lord, take away pride from my heart. Uproot its root from within me. Cut off the flow of pride from my veins and give me a heart of humility”. I prayed and prayed and the Lord heard and my test came.

Reasons Jesus was tested for pride
Jesus was also tested in this area of pride. His father allowed the tempter to tempt Jesus over pride. He called himself the son of God but was he really the son of God? The tempter needed to examine Jesus on this pride issue and that’s why he asked Jesus twice; “If you are the son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread”, “if you are the son of God, throw yourself down; for it is written”. The devil leaves no stone unturned and everybody will be tempted by him. Even God will test the state of our hearts towards him and towards his people but how are you responding?

Jesus had power and authority to do whatever he likes for his own self. Of he could multiply two fishes and five loabes of bread to feed five thousands of people, he could surely command a stone to turn into bread for his own sake, afterall he had been in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights with nithing to eat and he was hungry. But Jesus was not focused on himself. He was focused on his father’s business. He was more focused on what God had to say about everything. And Jesus was actually Lord over Satan so Satan could not make him do what was inappropriate. Hence, Jesus’ response; “One does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” and “Again, it is written, do not put the Lord your God to the test” (Matthew 4:4-7).

We are all tempted out of the evil desires of our heart (James 1:13) but we can overcome through Jesus. He was pure and He had no sin. He had no evil desires in his heart either but he was tempted for pride for our sake. All that Jesus was about was about doing the father’s will yet the devil tempted him. I believe the devil was allow to tempt Jesus so that we can know that nobody is above temptation. I also believe that since Jesus is our Lord and our big brother, he was allowed to be tempted so that we can emulate him and know how to respond in the face of temptation. I also believe that Jesus was allowed to be tempted so that we can know that He is Lord even over temptation, pride and Satan.

If Jesus overcame pride after being tempted on pride, this means we can also overcome pride when we hide in Jesus. Since Jesus is Lord over everything including Satan and pride, then we can have victory and dominion over pride in Jesus who is our Lord. When we make Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we can have pride under our feet just as, it is already under the feet of Jesus. The spirit of pride does not have a hold or any power over you when you make Jesus your Lord and Saviour.

Are you struggling with the issue of pride and would you like to give it up? Jesus already has victory in that area and since Jesus is for you, you too can have victory over pride. All you need to do is to proclaim the Lordship over yourself, renounce your right to pride and choose to hide in the power of Christ. Speak the following biblical declarations over yourself and you can change your world for good.

Speak the word and change your world for good.

Day 1

I declare that Jesus is the Lord of my life and only His kingdom shall rule in my life. I have no inheritance in pride, my heritage is in the kingdom of God.

Day 2

I declare that I have the attitude and the mind of Christ, who did not see himself as equal to God but He humbled himself and obeyed His father to death. Therefore, I submit myself to the heavenly father and I choose to obey His instructions for the rest of my life. I give up on the spirit of pride and I embrace the spirit of humility which was in Christ Jesus. Henceforth, Pride will no longer rule over me.

Day 3

I declare that my steps are ordered of the Lord and I shall humbly walk in the footsteps of my saviour. I will not be condescending, self-conceited and overly self-important but I will focus my gaze on Jesus as leads me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake.

Day 4

I accept Jesus in my heart and everything that is prideful must flee at His presence. Henceforth, Jesus reigns in my heart and I see others as Jesus sees them, I accept people just as Christ wants me to accept them and I walk in the ways of Christ in accordance to the grace He has bestowed upon me.

Day 5

I declare that Jesus occupies my heart and Pride must flee from me. Jesus is the Lord of my heart and pride has no place to rule or reign over me.

Day 6

Since I am seated in heavenly places with God in Christ Jesus, pride has no seat in my life. Therefore dethrone its kingdom in my heart and I demolish its altar in my life by the power that Christ bestows on me.

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