Emmanuel: God with us

Emmanuel. You are welcome here.
Christ the King. We applaud you here.
Son of God. We adore you this year.
We bow down to you and we proclaim you as the King.

Majesty. We praise your holiness.
Emmanuel. We declare your righteousness.
Holy one. We announce you with reverence.
Emmanuel! Our God with us!

Prayer room -

Heavens applaud you and earth will praise you.
For the love you shared and for the blood that was shed.
You are the bright morning star, the risen king who was scarred.

You are the compassionate love of God who was barred, banned and battered.

But through it all you endured to set humanity free.
Emmanuel, Our God with us!

Messiah the king. You are welcome here.
All the wise will arise and announce your majestic being.
Nations will arise and declare your great presence.
The angels will blow their trumpets and proclaim your lowliest arrival

Light of the world you have won and for all.
The heathen searches through the books but cannot find your truth.
The earth searches through the brooks but you remain with your brethren.
With the lowliest you show yourself lowly and with the wise you show yourself wise.

Emmanuel, our God with us.
To the righteous you make your presence known but to the wicked you make yourself hidden.
To the dead you are life and to the wounded you are health.
You are the breath of God who has come to save the whole world.
Emmanuel, Our God with us!

You have not forgotten us and you will not forsake us.
You have forgiven us and we are forever free
The Holy son of God overcomes the world for all.
Emmanuel God with us, you are welcome here.

You were born to die, to fall and to rise.
You were meant to go away and return again.
You are the lamb of God beaten for the sake of the world.
You are the love of God, Emmanuel how great you are!

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