31 Days New Year Declarations & Prayers

Happy New Year friends!

I learnt a new thing about broken bones recently and it is that, to fix them, they will have to be aligned with a metal and a bandage for a while until they heal. Nothing else needs to be done. No gruesome hospital operation needs to be carried out, only an X-RAY of the broken bones to help the doctors know how best to align the bones with the metal and then they observe the healing over a period of time.

I, too, have compiled a 31 days Biblical declarations exclusively for your use in the month of January to help you get aligned with God’s truth and I would like to invite you to form a simple habit of rehearsing these truths each morning for the month of January. You will find the first 12 days in this post and feel free to download the rest of them by using the download button below.

31 Days New Year Declarations & Prayers

Speaking these Biblical truths over your life is like aligning those broken bones with metal for your healing. They will give you confidence about your purpose and potential in Christ. They will fire up your faith in God, move you past mistakes and failures quickly, usher you into God’s plan for your life and help keep you focus and strong in God. These scriptural declarations could set your 2020 on a brand new trajectory.

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Every blessing!

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