Claim Your Victory Over Temptations with Biblical Declarations.

Did you know you already have victory through Christ over temptations?

If you often give in into temptation, don’t despair because you’re only human. We all are, simply human beings who are made of flesh and blood with no power of our own. We can’t fight the devil in our strength but we can overcome his tactics by the word of God spoken out loud over us.

because he is way too smart and he’s been at his job for several thousands of years before we were ever born. but this is down to the lustful desires of our hearts. We are enticed and drawn away into committing lustful sins. As James explains it; “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away” (James 1:14 NLT). 

Jesus was pure in heart, however, even though he was tempted by the devil., he had no sin (2 Corinthians 5:21). He was God on earth and God does not have lustful desires. He was not a sinner otherwise he could not have overcome the devil’s temptations. He was the righteous man made a sinner for us so that we can be the righteousness of God.

First, he was tempted so that the works of the devil could be exposed; “the devil always tempts people not God” (James 1:13). Jesus wanted us to understand what it’s like to be tempted because he himself was also tempted. Secondly, He wanted to make us aware that temptations will come our way in life, so we must be prepared for them.

Furthermore, Jesus combated the battle against temptation and won, so we now know that we also can have victory over temptations (John 16:33).  The battle is already won, all we have to do is claim it!

The story of the ultimate temptation – This is an ultimate battle against temptation, that the devil would conceive to tempt purity with impurity.

Have you ever read the story of how Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness? He was led there to be specifically tempted by the devil and he was there for forty days and forty nights. On day one, the devil did not turn up to tempt Jesus. On day two, the devil still did not turn up. On day three, the same thing happened. This continued till day forty and by this time around, Jesus was really hungry.

The devil did not go to Jesus when His flesh was really strong. The devil went to Jesus when his flesh was weak – Jesus was hungry when the tempter came to Him and he attacked Jesus with the first thing that would have been on any human beings mind at that particular point in time – Food. Thankfully, Jesus knew better. He was well grounded in the word of God. His substance was not based on human food only, His food ultimately was to do His Father’s will. Food was really the last thing on Jesus’s mind. He simply wanted to fulfill His father’s will – to overcome temptation and gain victory for the world.

Perhaps Jesus did not expect he would have to wait for forty days and nights to be tempted by that sneaky tempter, but Jesus waited. That battle against temptation had to happen. Victory must be secured for all humanity. If Jesus overcame temptation, so can you. He didn’t win or gain victory for himself on that day of temptation, He did it for all humanity. Jesus endured forty days and forty nights in the wilderness to bring us victory over temptation.

The fight against temptation is not your fight alone and cannot be won in physically. This is a spiritual battle that must be faced with the sword of the spirit – which is the word of God. Jesus won this battle over temptation by speaking the word of God. On three occasions He was tempted and on those three occasions He countered the devil’s lies with the word of God.

Today, speak the word of victory over yourself. Claim your victory over temptation and change your world for good.

(1) Today I claim my victory through Christ Jesus over temptations. I believe that Christ was tempted for my sake and I receive the victory He already won for me over temptations.

(2) Today I overcome satan and his lies by word of God. Only God’s word will prevail over my life henceforth. I refuse to live in the lies of the devil, Henceforth I live my life in the truth and in accordance with the word of God.

(3) My victory over temptations is secured in Christ. It doesn’t matter how long I have to wait for, I will trust in God and hold on to His promises that through Christ I overcome temptations.

(4) I expose the works of satan in temptations in my life. Satan since your work of temptation has been exposed by Christ Jesus, I henceforth live in the light of God. Darkness will not overcome my life, only the light of God will prevail henceforth.

(5) I will not dwell on my past mistakes for Christ has already won the battle for my sake. I receive the victory Christ won for me and I am restored to my heavenly Father whole.

(6) Since Jesus Christ was himself tempted in the flesh and He won the victory for my sake. Hence I declare that the Lord creates a way of escape for me from this temptation so that I can fully grasp my victory over temptations through Christ Jesus.

(7) There is already a way of escape for me from this temptation and I open up myself to see it so that I can have total victory in Christ Jesus.

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