Let’s Fight this Fear with God’s Word

Friends, How are you fighting off the fear in this pandemic period?

I went for a walk the other day and as soon as somebody saw me coming on the same side of the road as them, they crossed to the other side of the road.

This behavior got me thinking about the government’s rules and its impact on all of us; stay at home, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, wear a mask, stay at least six meters apart, self isolate for seven or fourteen days depending on how you’re faring and how exposed you’ve been to someone affected by the virus, and please don’t get me started on social distancing.

Are these rules making us be more afraid, feel more isolated, feel more alone, or making us feel protective of ourselves? When God instructed Noah to go in the ark, their own kind of lockdown, was it intended to make Noah feel safely protected from the impending doom, or was it God’s intention to make Noah act paranoid about the whole situation? (Genesis 17).

One thing is for sure though, “unless the Lord builds the house they labour in vain that builds it” (Psalm 127:1). Unless the Lord protects his children our attempt for protection is in vain.

Psalm 127:1

There is simply no amount of protection we can do for ourselves that can prevent us from the evils of this world. There will always be one thing or the other that we need protection from for as long as we exist on earth. God is the protector we all need and his words are our consolation. He has all the power to fully protect us from evil (2 Thessalonians 3:3), to save us from destroying ourselves (Acts 2:21) and to deliver us from the wickedness in this world (Psalm 91:1-16).

As for me and my household, we are facing this fear with God’s words and we are declaring faith-filled promises of God over our lives believing that we will win this battle against our minds.

Will you join us in speaking these words over ourselves together? Let’s fight this fear together with God’s words. Let us speak faith-filled declarations daily over ourselves and let us build up our faith in God as we believe that we will win this battle with God on our side.

Speak the word and change your world

Let’s Get Started


Friends, I am so glad we’re on this recovery journey together. I hope that your faith will be pumped up with those faith-filled declarations and fear will no longer have a say in your life.

While you’re at it, can you spare a minute to share this post with your loved ones? It’ll really go a long way in encouraging this young lady who has spent hours in putting this piece together. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Would you also let me know genuinely about how you are feeling after speaking those words over yourself? I promise it won’t take much of your time. All you need to do is to leave a comment at the bottom of this page as I’ll be praying for you on this road to a faith-filled lifestyle. Thanks so much for your patience.

Speak the Word with Ayoola

16 thoughts on “Let’s Fight this Fear with God’s Word”

  1. Thank you so much Ayoola for this faith strengthen message. May Almighty God sustain us through these very challenging days. I appreciate your encouraging words.


  2. Thanks Ayoola! Indeed there is power in God’s word and as I have been meditating abs speaking it over my life and the lives of my loved ones I feel a lot less anxious.


  3. Happenings have made things so scary and sometimes I just wonder what the future holds…
    Thanks for the reminder that God still has our backs and so we should fear not.when You have God;you have everything…
    Because He lives ,I can face tomorrow…
    You are a blessing A.Y.


  4. Loving the blog. Yes we are living in the decade of the mouth. So your declarations are on time..
    Thank you for sharing the love with your blog, its great. Keep it moving.


  5. Wow….Inspirational! Thanks Ayoola for this. …thanks for letting us know that God’s word is the antidote for fear. …that God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear. You are a blessing to this generation, may the Lord multiply His grace upon your life.


  6. Great post Ayoola, reminding us that even though we may feel alone when we can’t easily see friends and family, God is on this journey with us and we don’t need to feel alone or frightened.


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