21 Fight this Fear Biblical Declarations

Declaration of faith: I have not been given me the spirit of fear, but I have been endowed with the power to overcome every obstacle, perfect love that conquers every hindrance and a sound mind to make the right decisions.

There is always one or two things to be afraid of in this world. There is the fear of death and the fear of people. The fear of death because nobody wants to die young. We all want to enjoy this life and spend eternity on earth rather than in heaven. We want to live forever if we have our ways unfortunately we do not hold the power to eternal life, Christ does and we must account for our lives when we’re eventually face to face with God after death. We’re also afraid of people for so many reasons because we have exerted our power to them. We believe that they can make or break us with their power while we think less of ourselves, even though we also have the same power as them.

We’re also afraid of past mistakes and its consequences in our lives or the fear of failure. We’re sometimes afraid of the unknown, afraid for the future and afraid of danger that looms around. If we’re not fearful of the danger in the day then we’re afraid of the harm in the night. There is always something we’re afraid of, but if we don’t face the fear head on and fight it with God’s word, there will always be a fear of something or someone that will control our lives forever and stand in the way of the fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives.

Haven’t you heard it that there are at least 365 fear nots in the Bible? One scripture verse for each day of the year will help you combat fear in any situation or circumstances. As for me and my household, we are facing this fear with God’s words and we are declaring faith-filled promises of God over our lives while also believing that we will win this battle for as long as we hold on to God’s word.

Will you face your fears and fight it with God’s word? Join the community of believers who are making declarations that work against fear and praying God’s promises too. Buy your declaration and prayer cards and let them be your companion you reach out to fight this fear with you.

Fight this Fear Declaration Card set

21 Fight this Fear Declaration, Uplifting and Encouraging Cards

Features include: A set of 21 Daily Declaration cards to overcome fear. - Size: A6 14.8 x 10.5 cm - Each card is scripture inspired. - Digital download. - A bulk print also available to purchase upon request.


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Friends, I am so glad we’re on this recovery journey together. I hope that your faith will be pumped up with these faith-filled declarations and fear will no longer have a say in your life.

Before you go, would you spare a minute to share this post with your loved ones? It’ll really go a long way in encouraging this mission to equip Christians with the truth and overcome everyday life challenges. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Pray with me
Hi, I’m Ayoola. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me! I’m here to encourage, equip and walk with you on your Christian journey to recover your identity and overcome everyday life challenges. I’m inspired by the word of God and I’m here to inspire, motivate, pray with and pray for you through my coaching and mentoring sessions too. Let’s speak the word of God over ourselves and learn practical ways to change our world for the best together. Let’s be siblings in Christ. Connect with me. Send me a message and let’s walk this Christian journey together. Loving you with the love of Christ.

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11 thoughts on “21 Fight this Fear Biblical Declarations”

  1. Thank you Ayoola for taking out time to put this piece together. It equips the mind to exercise faith over fear and anxiety. God bless you richly.


  2. Wow. …so Inspirational! Thanks Ayoola for letting us know that God’s word is the antidote for fear. ….that God has not given us the spirit of fear….that fear is the opposite of faith….am sure blessed by this piece. May God multiply His grace upon your life.🙏


  3. Thought provoking words Ayoola.
    In the initial three weeks of the lockdown down, I had a sense of foreboding as the reports of deaths in Italy and UK piled up. However, this led me to plug in more to God in prayer.
    My go to song of worship was “Waymaker”. That soothed my anxious soul.

    But one of the great thing to come out of this was the ability to reach out and check up on friends I had not seen nor spoken to in years.

    The biggest one is that- for the first time in a few years, my father and all His Children (I and my siblings) raised a family Altar of Prayer unto God.
    We have done this now for over 3 weeks (every single day, connecting online to pray, worship and have banter 🤣).
    This has brought joy, rest, and assurance of Gods protection over us all.

    The other thing, has been the word of God!
    Psalm 91 is my ‘Best Friend’, an anchor for my soul.

    So to conclude:
    – The Word of God has been the best medicine.
    – Prayer (private & collective) has been beautiful and humbling.
    – Raising and refreshing family bonds is priceless.

    This lockdown has allowed me to hear and think better.

    I hate that people are sick and have died. I will keep praying for it to end as quickly as it came.

    But once the lockdown is lifted, I will miss the time of solitude in these unprecedented times.
    I hope and pray for a personal transformation and for all parts of my life which need work- to be made new by God, accompanied with Grace, Wisdom and strength to remain in it.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing Adesuwa. Raising a prayer altar is definitely very important during this period. It’s also very important to keep connecting with people both loved ones, acquaintances and those we have lost touch with. You’r eon the right track. Thanks so much for your comment. May God protect us all.


    1. Hi Deshone,
      They’re available for sale on the site via the the Shop page.
      Let me know if you have any issues with your order. Thanks.


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