7 Powerful Psalms for Troubled Times


We all have a favourite Psalm we pray with regularly. We do it because we know that when we pray the Psalms God answers. They’re his words and he’s bound by them. They’re his bonds and he does not go back on his words. Scripture says that “He watches over his words to fulfill it” (Jeremiah 1:12). When we bring his words back to him in prayer, he rises up to fulfill his promises.

Early this year, God’s word to us on this platform is that this is the year of alignment and I believe that he is doing exactly what he has professed to do. God is shaking the table, cleansing and bringing light to every dark situations but we also need to get aligned in his word. Whenever I cannot be as articulate or as insightful in prayers as I’d like to be, the book of psalms does it for me. So if you’re struggling with prayers and unsure of what say to God during this crisis, the book of psalms is a go to prayer book for this season.

Will you join me in praying the psalms for this troubled time? All you have to do is to pray a psalm a day from the list below (Please note that you may need to pray the whole chapter of your chosen Psalm a day. There only a caption of the Psalms below), listen out to what God is saying to you as you pray, write them down and if there are instructions that you need carrying out, take a bold step of faith and do it.

powerful psalms for troubled times

Let’s get STARTED on Praying the Psalms in Troubled Time. All you need to do is to pick a psalm a day from the list above and pray it everyday for the next seven days. And if you have a favourite Psalms that you pray with, why not bless somebody else by it and leave it in a comment below.

If in need of a prayer partner to pray with on this journey, please feel free to contact me by using the link below and I’ll get right back to you. Let’s change our world together with God’s word. Thanks so much for your support always.


While you’re at it, will you please leave a feedback or your comments in the comment box at the bottom of the page? Also, please do leave a rating if this message has been a blessing in one way or the other. 

9 thoughts on “7 Powerful Psalms for Troubled Times”

    1. I love the Psalms, always my to go book in the Bible when my soul is downcast and need reassurance of God’s unfailing love for me. My favourites are Ps 34,34, 103, 23,46,111, 91, 51, 100 amongst many!


      1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing psalms to pray with during this troubled time. God bless you.


  1. If it had not been the Lord who was on our side during this lockdown!!!
    No choice now but to continue thanking and praising God for His mercies. I encourage myself daily like David did. I recall my favorite Psalms which include Psalms 121, 23, 27, 91, 46, 24, 103 etc


  2. The book of psalms contains powerful chapters that has bn a blessing to many of which I am one.I and husby recite psalm 91 and 121 every time we pray daily and we have seen the impact on our family. Personally I love to challenge God with chapter 102:13 (you shall arise and have Mercy….) and 118:17 (I shall not die….)
    The Lord shall keep proving Himself strong in our lives through this chapters in this troubled times.
    God bless you for us sis.


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