OMG Game: Funny Quiz or Bible Quiz?

I stumbled across one of those OMG games we play on Facebook or on other social media platforms and I had a quick go at it. It’s one of those fun personality quizzes that tells us who you are based on your profile, who hates or likes you from among your friends, which country are you meant to live based on your name, which career path are you meant to follow based on your facial analysis and the list goes on. Those games are fun, harmless and their accuracy sometimes rouse your curiosity. However they couldn’t be far from the truth on who God says we are in Christ. Some of those answers may appear accurate but it’s simply because they had been analysed from our personal profile activities. Daily Bible Declarations

This got me thinking as to how ironic it is that children of God would rush to play such a game of fun with our lives but we don’t rush to ask God on such life’s difficult questions. Would we rather joke with our lives than to confront it with the truth in God’s word? Doesn’t God know all the answers to the questions of our lives and shouldn’t we ask him instead of asking the OMG quiz genie? Hasn’t God created us in his image, after his likeness so we can feel more comfortable to relate with him who understands us better in our image? and will he not answer our questions if we ask him about anything?

Shouldn’t we rush to the Bible in search of such answers that we seek in a fun game as opposed to downplaying the seriousness of our curiosity with these quizzes? Is it not better to seek after God when we need assurance, be it just for the fun of it or for the seriousness of it than to take to the social media and to seek for answers from a game?God has the final say

My curiosity got the better of me as I played one quiz after the other but I soon realized that as much as this OMG game and others like it may have covered many life interesting quizzes as possible, the word of God, that is the Bible, has the final say over my life and it covers so many more questions and answers than these other quizzes. I could literally create my very own Bible quizzes to match those questions but which one of them would you be so quick to go for if you had the options? I love what Caroline Knorr on the common sense media blog advised us all about taking such quizzes; to be careful with quizzes, take a look at the information you share, use privacy setting and review them frequently, use two-factor authentication and do a little house keeping by deleting the old accounts and updating your passwords.

Having said all that above, I hope that we will all protect ourselves by adhering to Caroline’s advise but most importantly, I’d like for us to pause and take a rain check at any time that we stumble upon those quizzes. I’d like for us to consider going to God first and foremost with any questions in our hearts as opposed to taking it out on the social media, simply because we serve a God who cares deeply about us and he will do anything to give us all the attention that we need. He’s also not a rigid God at all. He’s as funny and as firm as he can be with us all.

But if, perhaps at any point in time, we are really curious about our identity or needing an assurance of who we are, who God created us to be, what his plans are for us or if we have any more of those questions to ask, I’d like for us to reach out to the identity declarations on the website and speak those words into existence. However, if we need more than these declarations and we need listening ears or somebody to pray with us, please feel free to send me an email and we can take it further from there.


I’d really appreciate your comment or feedback on this post? Would you rather do a fun quiz or a Bible quiz or both? while you’re at it, please don’t forget to leave a rating if this post has blessed you. Thanks so much for your suppport always.

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