After Wedding Declarations to Speak Over Yourself and Your Spouse

8 Biblical Declarations to Speak Over Your Marriage Daily

Declaration of Faith: I declare proverbs 31 over myself that I will do my husband good at all times, and I will not engage myself in idle talks that will cause him any harm. I will allow the Spirit of God to lead me daily, and I will not mislead my husband into disobedience against God. We will both walk in love in obedience to our God, and we will enjoy our union together.

Marriages are a part of God’s plan for human beings. He settles the lonely in families, establishes communities, and he repopulates the world. Then, when wedding bells ring, we commit to honouring God with our bodies as we step into God’s plan for our lives. We also step into the unknown spiritual territory of spiritual attacks against marriages, self-sabotaging behaviours and statistical reports that can end a marriage in divorce in the first few years. If we’re going to defy these reports and overcome those attacks, then we will need to fortify our union with prayers and daily declarations. If not for any false alarms or superstitions, but for the mere known fact that the first few years after a wedding can be quite tricky to navigate, we ought to stay prayerful and claim God’s truth for our families.

Marriage is honorable and starting a new life with somebody else is exciting. Getting to know the truth about ourselves in relationships with our spouses can be quite a challenge. In the first few years of a marriage are the moments when we discover our true selves, what we genuinely like, love, can or cannot stand in our spouses. It is a very crucial moment when expectations are physically high and attacks are spiritually heightened. It is a good time to stay alert, be in the place of prayer and continue to declare God’s truth over your marriages regularly. Because no matter how exciting weddings are and how enjoyable the celebrations can become, the first few year of marriages are quite crucial to the development and the success of a lifetime with someone else. It is the period that can either lead to a marital bliss if caution is adhered to, a separation or a divorce if care is not taken.

Fortify Your Marriage Declarations

Although we are in this world, our marriages can be enjoyable if we fortify it with God’s word. We do not have to be a part of the statistics of failed marriages. We can fight this fear in the physical and spiritually. We can face any obstacles head on with biblical declarations and prayers that will establish the truth in our hearts and release godly atmosphere in our homes. Those principalities and powers of darkness of this world has nothing against our marriage when we stand in the Word of God.

When Adam and Eve built their marriage with God in it, they enjoyed their union. But when they got distracted and carried away by lies and deceits from the devil, their marriage was attacked. The consequences of this action was a separation of man from God’s presence (Genesis 3:1-24). However, our case can be different. We know fully well that God is with us, he is for us, he will help us to navigate through this new season, and he will see us through this marital journey. But we ought also need to be alert and pray against the powers of darkness do not want to see any good marriage exist, let alone thrive. We must combat all lies, deceit and distraction with God’s words on our lips. And with God, on our side, we will win.

Let’s get our marriages fortified by Speaking the Word so our world can change for good.

Fortify Your Marriage – After wedding Declarations

I declare that the spirit of God is in my home uniting my husband and I in love. We will walk with one voice and we will have victory with God on our side.

Before you go, please allow me to pray with you on this journey.

Pray: Heavenly Father, I thank you for this beautiful union and the love shared between us your children. May we grow in love with you all the days of our lives. May there be honor, love and mutual respect in this union and may this marriage be aligned to the purpose for which it has been created. Please protect this marriage from all evil and lead us not into temptation. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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Pray with me
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