5 Benefits of Bible Declarations

Bible Declaration, otherwise known as Scriptural declarations of faith or faith affirmations, strengthens the root of a belief in the word of God and help affirm your identity in Christ. Here are a few of those benefits to encourage and pump up your faith in God. 

Here are five benefits of making biblical declarations

  • It builds up your faith in God. Nobody has the power to build up their confidence except God builds it up for them. However, making Biblical declarations will build you up as many times as you say them out loud over yourself, and this is because they are rooted in God’s word. When you say out loud these biblical declarations, you will find your faith in God rising, your confidence increasing, and a firm conviction settling on your mind. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17)”.
  • It changes your world. One of the greatest things about biblical declarations spoken over yourself is that it creates an atmosphere where a change in your situation or circumstance can happen. Let’s look at it this way; if God created the changes he wanted to see at creation with His word, and he has given us access to this powerful tool he used (Genesis 1), then we too can change our world with His word. We can create those changes we long desire by engaging with the truth. 
  • It creates a spiritual atmosphere where God dwells. God’s word is His world, and if we’re to connect with God in any way, we must live in His word at all times (Colossians 3:16). If we want God to answer our prayers, speak to us about anything or to have an intimate relationship with God, then we’ll need to connect with God’s word. Remember that at the beginning of creation, there was first and foremost, an atmosphere where the spirit of God dwelled before God changed the world in alignment with his plan (Genesis 1:1). We need to create a spiritual atmosphere for the word of God to work in our lives.
  • It helps us to memorise scriptures. A Christian without the hidden word of truth in his or her heart is a powerless Christian. Scriptures help us to engage in spiritual battles and win (Ephesians 6:11). They help us to know the truth about our identity in Christ (John 1:1-2). They help us to understand who God is and whose we belong. They inject us with the wisdom we need to survive and thrive in this world (Joshua 1:8). So memorising them helps us to speak the truth over ourselves when we’re making biblical declarations.
  • It helps us to be aligned with the plan of God in our lives and for this world. God has a plan for everyone (Jeremiah 29:11), but without us knowing this plan, we cannot connect with God. It is, therefore, imperative that we abide in the word of God so that God can abide with us (John 15:4-5). If we are first and foremost spiritual beings and whatever happens in the world today has already happened in the spirit realm. Then we need to connect to the spiritual world through the word of God, and it is by so doing that we can change the trajectory of our lives. When we align ourselves with what has already been declared in the heavens, we can benefit from it in the physical world.

What biblical declarations are you speaking over yourself and what benefits have you received from them? Please leave a comment below and rate this article. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Bible Declarations”

  1. Thank you for this posting. I have learnt to speak the truth about the word of God in a personalized way. I had sinus which and I would take cetrizine almost daily. So one day I made a declaration and I said that from today onwards Iam not going to take cetrizine. I declared that God you are Jehovah’s Rapha.(my healer) and I am not going to benefit the pharmaceuticals. From today onwards, I am healed and free of this condition. This declaration made a changed the situation. It is now six year when I free from this condition. So From that time, I learnt to personalize scripture and speak them out, directing to situations that I need to be changed and God has been faithful to his word.


    1. That’s an amazing testimony you just shared there, Hamya and most importantly getting healed by aligning your healing to God as your Jehovah Rapha. It is because of his name and your belief in him as your healer that you are healed. We really praise God and rejoice with you for his mercies over you. Keep speaking the word and you’ll see your world change for good. Every blessing.


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