About Ayoola Bandele

Speak the Word with Ayoola

Hi! My name is Ayoola. I hope you find something here that helps you debunk lies, declare the truth, pray through the Bible, and most importantly, helps you discover your true identity in Christ.

I create biblical declarations and prayers in obedience to God, who placed a strong impression on my heart to do it in 2015. I am passionate about finding the truth in God’s word and its application to overcome everyday life challenges in the place of prayer.

I believe it’s in debunking lies, declaring truths and praying through the scriptures that we can have a truly fulfilling and satisfying life in Christ. What a joy! My inspiration comes from the word of God and what He places on my heart. A portion of my sales proceeds go to supporting the persecuted Christians, young female Christians who are facing domestic violence and abuse, and young Christian widows in need.

CONTACT ayoola@dailybibledeclarations.com

The reason I do what I do is because of my personal story. The story about daily Bible declarations!

Debunk lies, Declare the truth, Pray through the Bible

Personal Disclaimer
I worship at Jesus House London, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God network, under the leadership of Pastor Agu Irukwu. I am not an ordained minister and I do not claim to be a theologian. Most of the blog posts you read on this site is written by me, not copied from any other site or from any preacher or teacher unless otherwise stated. Most blog posts are written by me mostly through inspiration from when studying the Bible, through personal victories or experiences or written when there is a message I feel the Lord lays on my heart for his children either during my personal prayer time. I pray the Lord ministers to you personally as you read through the messages.

You can contact me by filling in the form below should you need to speak to me over these resources. God bless

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