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7 Biblical Declarations For You When Feeling Condemned by People

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Jesus Christ was condemned for your sake.

It is one of the horrible incidents anybody could ever experience in life. But Jesus Christ endured it so that you can have victory when you go through it in life. He was a righteous man who endured condemnation to death on the cross (1 Peter 3:18). He had all the power and authority to stop injustice being done to him but he didn’t react nor did he respond to any of it. Instead, he submitted himself willingly to abuse, insults, hurt, pain, rejection, and condemnation from people.

It may surprise you to know that the same people who praised him with shouts of Hosanna deserted him and mocked him on the cross. He didn’t do it all in vain however, he did it for a reason. He did it for you and me so that we can have victory when we experience condemnation in many areas of our lives. This should give you solace when feeling condemned, rejected and hurt by people. This realisation helped me a while back when I was condemned, rejected and eventually thrown out of a community.

Personal Story

I loved her like a sister but there was something that did not just gel between us. We were often at loggerheads. I searched myself several times for loopholes such as pride, repented of it all, apologised several times and reconciled. Not once did I receive an apology in return. I persisted in the place of prayer and I kept pursuing peace but it seemed like I was the only person with issues and the only person seeking for peace.

For several years, things piled up and I swept it under the carpet until one day. I reacted and my world came to a standstill. It didn’t make sense to everybody who heard about it and it was not a good sight to see at all. Two supposed Christian women lashed out at each other. I lost my cool, reacted to insults and I defended myself. The result was fatal.  They condemned me and then they threw me out of the community.

People expected a lot from me as a Christian but I failed them all. I also expected a lot from myself but I let myself down. I was not a matured Christian as I thought I was. Surely, mature Christians don’t have issues with anger, intolerance and impatience. I could not stand being disrespected nor could I allow rudeness towards me. I would not do it to you and I expect that you would not do it to me. However, this was not the case with my sister in the Lord and Jesus would not have dealt with the issue the same way I dealt with it. Oh, I felt so self-condemned!

How do you deal with people who are less mature in their faith as you?

Sometimes we deal with people harshly and disregard the Christian values. We latch on to people’s mistakes and condemn them for their weaknesses. We appear as mature in our Christian faith as we teach the word but we often do not act what we teach. We deal with each other harshly as the world deal with criminals. We withdraw from others the same grace extended to us and before we realise what we have done or what we are doing, we have made one of the biggest mistakes of our lives. And then we feel condemned for our actions.

God has not condemned you

The truth is that when you make such silly mistakes, God does not condemn you. Although He convicts us, he often showers us with His love at the moment we repent and turn back to Him (Isaiah 55:7). Also, He uses our experiences for His glory. That condemnation you suffered was not to punish you but for God to refine you and use your story for the generations to come. They can learn from your experience because you have been through it and you’ll be able to teach them in the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While we live in the flesh more than we should live in the spirit, this means that our weaknesses will often be exposed to people around us as we make tons of mistakes. Let us then bear in mind that we live in the world among those who are also in the flesh and they have zero tolerance for mistakes. So if you’re feeling condemned and rejected by people, if you’re feeling unsure of how to handle it all or if you’re seriously hurting as a result of the way you have been mistreated, take solace in Jesus’s story and speak the following biblical declarations over yourself. They will help see you through this moment in your life.

Speak the Word of God Over Yourself and Change Your World for good.

Day 1

I declare that I am not condemned for God has not condemned me. I have a good father and He does not condemn me over my mistakes. Since Jesus Christ already endured condemnation for my sake, I am no longer condemned over the sins I committed knowingly or unknowingly. God is using this moment in my life to teach me valuable lessons and I will submit to Him until He completely refines me (John 8:10).

Day 2

I declare that since I am now in Christ, old things have passed away and all things have become new in my life. I will no longer return to my past but I will look forward and press on to the future where Christ is leading me into complete freedom from condemnation. Through Christ, I have victory over tribulations and trials of this world including condemnation by people.

Day 3

I declare that God loves me and He does not disown nor condemn me for all my wrongdoings. Instead, He sent His son Jesus Christ to set me free from the stronghold of condemnation and I am free indeed. I will not live in the pain, hurt and shame my past has caused me but I will focus on Christ who sets me free from all bondage. Through Christ, I declare that I am a victor and not a victim of condemnation. (Romans 8:1, Psalm 103:10-12).

Day 4

I am a child of God and I am forgiven for all my sins (Isaiah 43:25). For this reason, God cleanses me from all my iniquities and I am free from the consequences of my mistakes.

Day 5

I declare my belief in the word of Jesus Christ as I hear it and I believe in God the father who sent Jesus Christ, therefore as I believe, I have inherited everlasting life and I shall not come into condemnation. Henceforth I pass on from death to life and I will continue to live my life for God’s glory ( John 5:24).

Day 6

Satan I overcome you by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of my testimony. My life is hidden in Christ. God makes my weaknesses perfect in Christ’s strength. I will not live my life feeling condemned but I will continue to live in my salvation, in victory, strength, the kingdom of God and in the power of Christ who endured the cross of Calvary for my condemnation (Revelation 12:10, Colossians 3:3, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

Day 7

I declare that God has not forsaken me. He leads me in the path fo righteousness for His name sake and although I am going through the shadows of condemnation, I will fear no evil for God is with me. His rod and His staff they comfort me (Psalm 23)

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