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Live a Happy Life Despite Your Circumstances

Many people want to live a happy life but they are belaboured with sadness that comes from unfulfillment, troubles and trials of the world. Consider the life of a mother who once sought the Lord for a child many years. She laboured for nine hours in the labour room to bring the child to earth and nurtured the child up to adolescent but for the child to turn against her. That child has become a source of unhappiness for that mother and she cannot live a happy life due to her circumstance. Continue reading “Live a Happy Life Despite Your Circumstances”


Choose Lasting Happiness In Jesus With God’s Word

The world often offers temporary happiness that comes with material things but there is true lasting happiness that is found in Jesus. It is a gift from God that comes when you choose Jesus as your Lord and saviour. It is a form of happiness that cannot be bought with money and neither can it be exchanged with worldly material things. It comes to dwell in your heart when you invite Jesus into your life and it grows within you when you spend time in the word of God. You have the capacity to contain it in your heart and you have the power in your tongue to speak it into existence in your world. Continue reading “Choose Lasting Happiness In Jesus With God’s Word”

Speak Happiness Into Your Year With God’s Word

This world is far too busy and far too preoccupied with activities that it often forgets to make happiness a part of its everyday living but the world can only function fully when it intentionally pursue happiness regularly. It is part of God’s plan for your life despite its elusiveness in the world. It is included in your inheritance through Christ and you have the right to claim it regularly using God’s Word.

You need to speak it into existence, pursue it throughout the year and it will come alive for you. Make it a point of duty to speak happiness into your day first thing in the morning and you will cultivate the attitude of happiness throughout the year. It will lighten your mood, attract the right people to you, open great doors you have never imagined and it will take you places you have not planned into your year.

Speak it over yourself as often as you say the Happy New year greetings to your loved ones. Declare it into your life until it affects positive changes in your world. Speak happiness over your life in alignment with God’s word for your New year goals and it will activate your desire for the best year ever.  Continue reading “Speak Happiness Into Your Year With God’s Word”

Adoration for Jesus

It isn’t all the time that we focus on self. Sometimes we must focus on God, his son and the Holy Spirit. We must look up to heaven and sing a new song to God. We must serenade the Triune God with words of adoration. God loves to hear from you that you love him as much as he also loves you.

Here’s my little way of serenading Jesus with words of adoration. Join me to adore Jesus with the following

Monday Adoration Declaration for Jesus

Big brother Jesus!

I adore you Jesus, the lion of the Tribe of Judah.
I admire your love for others, my big brother.
I love the way you look out for me and watch over me
I love your strong arms of protection you wrap around me
I love your big shoulders upon which I lean on to cry
You have a heart of gold filled with compassion for the lost.
You have penetrating eyes that search out every intention of the heart.

Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding
Thank you for gentle rebuke when I am being naughty
Thank you for your never ending love that you shower over me
Thank you for always being present to wipe away my tears
Thank you for imparting knowledge of the father into me at all times
Thank you for being such a good though tough example to follow
Big brother Jesus, you are my hero
Continue reading “Adoration for Jesus”

Overcome Depression with God

I have had a few episodes of depression in my life and each time I go through those episodes I come out stronger mentally and spiritually with God on my side. One thing is certain when you fight depression with God, you come out from under that dark and heavy cloud of depression and you will find the peace from God that surpasses all understanding. You will have a new drive for life, a new drive for your faith and even a drive to help others. It is World mental health day and I am using this platform to encourage anybody out there who is suffering from depression.

When I was in the midst of some episodes of depression,  Continue reading “Overcome Depression with God”

Overcome The Hypercritical, Judgemental Spirit

Are you judgemental in your words and actions towards others? The Bible says that we should not judge else we will also be judged with the same measure we use to judge others (Matthew 7:1-5). Christ does not want us to judge our fellow Christians instead he wants us to be forgiven, be understanding and extend the hands of love to others around us. We have all sinned and fallen. No matter how sees yourself you are not better than the other person in anyway. Nobody is one hundred percent holy or righteous, we are all living by the grace of God through Christ Jesus. Not one of is perfect even though God wants us to be perfect ( Matthew 5:48), we are all still working towards perfection through Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12).

The judgement of this world does not belong to anybody. It belongs to God Almighty, the only one lawgiver and the true judge of human character (James 4:12). We must give room for other people’s mistakes and errors and leave justice to God. It was for this reason that Christ came to restore order and judgement back to God. Christ came to take away the harsh judgement of one human being over another and he gave it back to the heavenly father. This is why Christ saw things differently and he attended to people with deep compassion in his heart. He never judged anybody harshly and every Christian must be like him in such manner.

You ought to quit being so judgemental of people and be the hands and feet of Christ on earth. You, my friend, may be in this world but you are not of this world (John 17:16). You ought not to join the bandwagon of those who pass on super hypercriticism and harsh judgement on others but you must strive to exemplify Christ to this hurting world. You must express the heart of Christ to this sick and lonely world. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings and showing mercy at all costs. It is for this very reason Christ spoke so aptly to the accusers of the woman who was caught in the act of adultery saying; “Let he without sin cast the first stone” (John 8:7).

Should you as a Christian be a part of this critical and judgemental world at all, then you must first search deep within your heart and ask yourself some deep-seated questions before you mount the pulpit of justice. You must ask; Am I worthy of being a judge over anybody? Who made me the judge on earth? Am I ready to act in all fairness and be the mouthpiece of God over that individual? Can I honestly stand tall without having no guilt or shame of a past or present deeds?

Could you be one of those operating with the hypercritical spirit yet trying to live like Christ? You can overcome the spirit and let Christ be the judge. The following declarations could be the word of God you need to bring you into repentance and help change you from being so overly critical and become more tolerant and compassionate of others.

Make a bold declaration of faith to overcome the Hypercritical Judgemental spirit

I declare that the spirit of God constrains me from being conformed to the attitude of this world. I, therefore, quit being so hypercritical and judgemental of others. Instead, I will be sensitive to people’s feelings and be merciful in my judgement of character and through Christ I will overcome the hypercritical judgemental spirit of this world (1 John 5:4).

I declare that I overcome the Hypercritical Judgemental Spirit of this world through Christ who is greater than this world, who lives in me and empowers me to overcome(1 John 4:4). Therefore I overcome this spirit through Christ who strengthens me (Phillippians4:13).

I declare that I will henceforth live like Christ and show compassion to others. I will leave justice to God who knows all things and I will strive to love unconditionally. I will disengage myself from the Hypercritical and Judgemental Spirit of this world and adapt myself to the kingdom mentality. Therefore I will no longer conform to the patterns if this world.

l declare that I will no longer succumb to the works of the flesh but I, henceforth will submit myself to God and walk with the spirit of God to help me overcome the hypercritical Judgemental spirit of this world. (Galatians 5:16).

I declare I will no longer succumb to the works of the flesh but henceforth, I walk with the spirit of God and I overcome the hypercritical Judgemental spirit of this world through the word of God indwelling in me (Galatians 5:16).

I declare that henceforth, I judge not and I am not judged. I condemn not and I am not condemned. I forgive and I am forgiven. Henceforth I treat others the way Christ would want me to treat them with respect, honor, compassion and dignity for as long as God gives me grace and I reap the reward bountifully(Matthew 7:1, Luke 6:31-37)

I declare that my mind is daily renewed in the word of God as I study to show myself approved. Henceforth, I will no longer conform to the standards or patterns of this world. I will no longer be so hypercritical and judgemental of others so that I also will not be judged so harshly.

I declare that henceforth, I will walk in the spirit and I will not satisfy the desires of the flesh. I will be cautious in my actions, I will act justly and show mercy just as Christ showed me some mercy and my life shall be transformed for good and for life henceforth (Romans 12:1-2, Galatians 5:16)

I declare that should the need arise for me to pass on judgement to anybody, I will speak up and judge fairly; I will defend the rights of the poor and the needy with mercy and with Compassion in my heart as Christ would want me to do (Proverbs 31:9). So Help me God.


The Forgiving God

Heavenly Father you are forgiving,
You do not forsake nor do you cast away in our weaknesses,
You do not condemn in our lowliest state,
Neither do shun nor disown us, not in our darkest moment at the least,
You do not turn us over to the enemy
Neither do you make us a prey for the devils. Continue reading “The Forgiving God”

Overcome Deception

People no longer speak the truth in the world. Their mouths are full of lies and deceits. They get by in life at the expense of other people’s happiness, they pretend and there’s no truth found in them. I have had my share of being deceived and it really hurts. When deception sneaked up on me I was unguarded. It came from where I least expected it and from one of my closest friends. It came in my most vulnerable moment and ensnared me with a subtle solution to my problems. Little did I know that its subtle counsel was going to be my ruin.

It happened when Continue reading “Overcome Deception”

Overcome Rejection

Rejection hurts and facing its stings alone is worse. It is emotionally draining and it affects one’s state of mind negatively. It creates fear. It paralyses self-confidence. And it introduces self-doubt. It makes you question your self-belief and leaves you with sheer terror. Sometimes it attacks with subtlety and at other times, it attacks head-on, with such cold stare that opens deep wounds. It creates such pain in the heart and feelings of shame, failure and deception. This negative emotion is not something a Christian can merely shake off or face alone easily. Only God’s healing can truly set free from such a snare. Continue reading “Overcome Rejection”

Overcome Low-Self Esteem

I have seen teenagers battling low self-esteem by trying so hard to become who they are not and I have seen adults pretend they can hold it together whilst dying from this low self-esteem plague. Men cover up with control, manipulation and outburst of anger because they feel inadequate yet unable to admit their weaknesses. Women sleep around because they lack a sense of self-worth. Young adults dress up like grown-ups just to feel accepted. Both male and female succumb to peer pressure just to feel some sense of belonging. This is what low self-esteem does to you; it holds its victims captive, clouds your judgement and fills up your heart with lies. Lies such as you are not worth it, it’s your fault that bad things happen to you, you can never amount to something good, you have to do something wrong before somebody can take notice of you and so on. Continue reading “Overcome Low-Self Esteem”