Category: Tuesday Teachings: Online Bible Study

This spring, we will be studying the word of God together. The Bible says that iron sharpens iron and I am looking to sharpen my iron with yours. This is a community where we all get together to learn together and share together at the feet of Jesus. Nobody knows it all and your knowledge of the word is invaluable to me and to God.

Now is the time to get sharpened so that we can together have victory upon victory over the power of the enemy. We will be studying different books of the Bible together, so if you have a preference to start with, please feel free to send me a message. 

Follow this link to join the Private Facebook Group where we will be studying together live! I look forward to meeting you online.

Have the Mind of Christ

Every now and again I hear someone say to another person, can I pick your brains on something? and off they go to reason together, to share ideas that are beneficial to each other. Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes depend on other people’s ideas and opinions about something?

The marketing experts know how best to convince us to buy those products and we trust them because we know that they are the experts, they have the full knowledge of the products, they have possibly carried out their tests, surveys and analysis on this product and so we trust them to give us the best of what’s on offer. Continue reading “Have the Mind of Christ”

Prepare Your Heart for Humility

We all know the end time is near and this is the time to seek for personal and national revival. If the Lord was to come today, will your heart be ready? Will he find your heart as humble as that of a child? If he were to search through your attitude and behaviour today, will any of your actions and intentions be anything as close as to being Christ-like? Would the Lord need to perform a surgery on you? Would he have to remove stubbornness and pride from you in exchange for a heart of humility? Continue reading “Prepare Your Heart for Humility”