The Forgiving God

Heavenly Father you are forgiving,
You do not cast away in our weaknesses,
You do not condemn in our lowliest state,
You do not shun and you do not disown us, not in our darkest moment I can see,
You do not turn us over to the enemy
Neither do you make us a prey for the devils.

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Seeking Forgiveness from God

Today I tap into the mercies of God for the forgiveness of my sins. I believe my sins are forgiven me and forgotten in the ocean of forgetfulness. I have a clean slate before the Lord and I choose to start my day afresh in the mercies of Jehovah who gives me a new beginning every single day.

Surely God’s goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life and I extend the same mercy unto others. I will no longer hold those who offend me in derision for their errors nor for their mistakes but I henceforth walk in compassion. I will show the same mercy I have received to others so that I can also be forgiven.

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Heart of Forgiveness

I declare that as I am forgiven by the heavenly father so also I forgive those who have hurt me for as far as the East is from the West in accordance to the grace given me, I now forgive. I do not judge as the world judge and neither do I condemn as the world condemns but I release those who have hurt and abused me into God’s ever loving arms. May they find peace and joy in their hearts forever more (Luke 6:37).

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7 Bible Prayers of Forgiveness and Repentance from When Christians Hurt Each Other

Forgive me for holding onto the hurts I have suffered from others and using it against my brothers and sisters in Christ.
(Matthew 6:14-15)

Help me to forgive others just as you have forgiven me so that we can all be healed through your healing balm in Jesus name I pray. Amen

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