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The Forgiving God

Heavenly Father you are forgiving,
You do not forsake nor do you cast away in our weaknesses,
You do not condemn in our lowliest state,
Neither do shun nor disown us, not in our darkest moment at the least,
You do not turn us over to the enemy
Neither do you make us a prey for the devils.

You are not a man that you would hold grudges against anybody,
You are not a man that you would pay evil for evil,
You are not a man that you would not answer us when we call on you even in our sinful state,
You are not a man who would ignore the request of a loved one,

You are not easily angered
You are not easily frustrated
You are not easily irritated
You are not easily offended
You are not impatient with us

You are long-suffering, forbearing and uncomplaining
You give us long ropes to pull
You are patient and you are kind
You are full of mercy and you are compassionate

You see beyond our actions and you deal with us according to our motives
You look into our hearts and you reward us accordingly
You have mercy upon whom you will have mercy and
You judge the contentious

You see our inadequacies and you love us more
You see our weaknesses and you judge us less
You see our failures and you calm our fears
You see our state of mind and you cover us with your everlasting love
In all our miserable self you cast us not away

You choose to shine in us and through us
You turn our shame into fame
You turn our mess into a message
You turn our passion into flame
You break the stony heart and you give a heart of flesh
You turn over our weaknesses and they are made perfect in your strength
Heavenly Father great is your forgiveness towards us


Seeking Forgiveness from God

Those who come to God for the forgiveness of their sins must first believe that he is a God who forgives sin. He does not hold back from us because we have sinned against him rather he reaches out to his children with mercy and compassion in his heart.

God is not petty and he does not keep scores with anybody. He is love and he does not keep records of wrongdoings. He searches much deeper within the hearts of men and he measures our motives more than our actions. He is compassionate and attentive to those seeking the forgiveness of their sins genuinely.

He is full of mercy and he does not like the death of sinners. He is willing to forgive your sins and my sins for as long as we come to him with a genuine repentance in our heart. Think of God’s mercy like the internet you use on a daily basis.

Sometimes when you have been browsing the net, you may have too many windows open and your browser may freeze and this may cause a disruption to your work. In order for you to continue using the internet, you will need to shut down all the windows opened and you will need to refresh the window for a fresh start.

This is God’s mercy towards his children. He erases our sins on a daily basis, he wipes the slate clean and he gives us a fresh start the following morning. He gives each one of us blank cheques at the start of each day. His mercies are new to you and I every morning.

It doesnt matter what you did yesterday or the day before yesterday or the years before that, God showers new mercies upon his children on a daily basis. This means that your past sins are forgiven for as long as you confess them and repent from them.

It means that your daily errors are erased for as many times as you recognise them, repent from them and turn away from them. This means that you have a brand new slate on a daily basis. This means you have a new day to start afresh and begin again because of the mercies of God expressed to you on a daily basis.

If we were to be judged by God according to our sins, nobody will be able to stand God’s wrath yet instead of him being angry with us, he showers us with his love. Instead of keeping records of our wrongdoings he does the opposite, he dismisses our mistakes and gives us a second chance to try again.

This is your chance to grab that forgiveness and live life in abundance. So perhaps you have been struggling to accept the forgiveness of sins from God, the following declarations will help open your heart to receive this gift of God that is readily available to you.

Make a bold declaration for the forgiveness of sins with me today

Today I tap into the mercies of God for the forgiveness of my sins. I believe my sins are forgiven me and they are abandoned in the ocean of forgetfulness never to be remembered again. Henceforth, I have a clean slate before the Lord and I choose to live in freedom. I choose to start my day afresh in the mercies of Jehovah who gives me a brand new beginning every single day.

Surely God’s goodness and mercy follows me all the days of my life. I extend the same mercy which I received from the Lord unto others and my errors are erased. I will no longer hold on to the hurts from those who offended me but I release them into the hands of the Lord to deal with them in accordance to his mercies.

Henceforth, I choose to walk in compassion. I will put myself in other people’s shoes and I will not hold them at ransom for their errors nor for their mistakes towards me. I will be sympathethic, sensitive, sensible and understanding towards others. I will walk in forgiveness and show the love of Christ as the Lord gives me grace.

Today I choose the path of righteousness. I will b careful to observe the Lord’s commandment, to be vigilant and to stay away from sinning against God. I will keep the doors of my mouth shut so that I do not sin against God and I will walk in the fear of God all the rest of my life.

I receive the mercies of God readily available to me anew and I choose to extend the same mercy to others around me. I will no longer hold grudges or keep malice against those who offend me and I release them into God’s hands so that he might deal with each person according to his mercies.

Henceforth I will walk in compassion and show the same mercy I have received to others so that I can also be forgiven.


I receive the forgiveness of sins in my heart. I believe that my iniquities are pardoned, my transgressions are blotted out and my sins are casted into the depths of the sea because of God’s great mercy. I show mercy to others just as I have also received mercy. God no longer remember my sins because of his great compassion on me. I am forgiven (Isaiah 43:25, Micah 7:7 8-19).

Heart of Forgiveness

Jesus said, “Let him who hath no sin cast the first stone”.

It is so easy to see the faults of others than we see our own faults. It is so easy to hold on to our hurts than to accept that we also hurt others. It is so easy to take matters into our own hands and judge others over their errors than we receive judgement from others. How often have we dished out punishments on those who have offended us without first thinking of our own offences. Has God called us to be the judge of the earth or to look inward and forgive those who spitefully use us?

How can we call on the Almighty God to defend us in greater things when we cannot let go of little things? How is the greatest defender of all time going to avenge us of our enemies if we fight our own battle and refuse to forgive those who offended us? When we act as if we have no sin, when we hold on to our hurts, when we stay away from our offenders and we shut the doors of our heart against those who have hurt us, there is no forgiveness in our hearts and this very act itself is called sin. But when we allow God’s intervention in that situation then we allow for healing from that painful memory and we open up the door for restoration.

The ultimate goal in life is not to keep records of wrongdoings nor to pay back those who offend us with evil nor to hold on to our hurts for a long period of time but the ultimate goal in life is to be Christ-like; to not make a mountain out of a molehill, to let go and let God, to have a forgiving spirit, live in perpetual forgiveness and to forgive our offenders even before they offend us. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said to forgive seventy times seven in a day; to not hold grudges against anybody, to forgive before you are offended, to bear with others, to put yourself in the other people’s shoes and be really patient with them especially when they get things wrong.

We ought to have a mindset of Christ. We ought to believe that God has our back and he is the one who fights our battle. We ought to give humanity the benefit of a doubt and give excuses for others knowing that it is out of character for anybody to go out of their way just to hurt our feelings. We ought not to take ourselves too seriously such that we are offended by people’s behaviour. When we do these things, then our peace will flow like a river and our joy will be full till it overflows. We ought to understand that we are all on a journey and some people might understand the journey faster than others. Some people might even set sail earlier than others and it is to understand that because you are a fast learner or you are quick to do things does not mean you are better than those who are slow to understand and coming behind you.

It is to understand that when we wear the judgement cloak as though God has given us the task to preside over a court case and we hold others at ransom with unforgiveness in our hearts, we ourselves have several times been forgiven by a just God and he does not hold us at ransom for our iniquities. God does not visit our pasts and he does not hold it against us rather he forgets the pasts and he encourages us to move forward. When Jesus shared the parable of the unforgiven debtor, he also pointed out to us that the same debtor had just recently been forgiven yet he forgot the graciousness of his creditor and he went out to be cruel to others who owed him. He himself was then thrown into prison for life. When we refuse to let go and let God, let us remember that we ourselves are imperfect and not devoid of wrongdoings/imperfections.

When we refuse to forgive and we beat our offenders with lashes in our hands then we forget the God of heaven who himself forgave our iniquities such that while we were yet sinners he loved us. Let us remember the many times we have sinned against God yet God forgave us of our sins and he cleansed us. We ought to emulate God in these things to let go and allow God be the judge. If you are struggling with unforgiveness in your heart, the following set of biblical declarations will help set your mind in the right place, your focus on God and your heart for healing from all kinds of hurt so that you may embrace the spirit of forgiveness and live as Christ commanded us to do so.

Make a bold declaration of faith with me today.

I am kind and tenderhearted. I forgive those who offended me just as Christ also forgave me of my sins (Ephesians 4:32)

Today I release God’s comfort and peace into the heart of those who have offended and hurt me. May they not be overwhelmed by sorrow in their heart and may they swim in God’s unwavering love for humanity (2 Corinthians 2: 5-8)
I declare that as I am forgiven by heavenly father so also I forgive those who have hurt me for as far as the East is from the West in accordance to the grace given me, I now forgive. I do not judge as the world judge and neither do I condemn as the world condemns but I release those who have hurt and abused me into God’s ever loving arms. May they find peace and joy in their hearts forever more (Luke 6:37).

7 Bible Prayers of Forgiveness and Repentance from When Christians Hurt Each Other

Christians sometimes struggle with forgiveness and repentance. When we get hurt, we want immediate justice and vengeance. And when we hurt other people’s feelings, we find it hard to swallow our pride, reflect upon our actions, accept our faults, repent from our sins and make amends where necessary.

Instead of fighting for peace, we pursue deceit and end up being defeated. Instead of letting go and letting God fight the battle, we allow the flesh to rule and lead us into taking matters into our own hands and taking vengeance whenever we can.

This fight against flesh is the first fight we must conquer in order to become Christ-like. Christ who was led to the slaughter yet he did not open his mouth to condemn anybody though he had the power to stop his tormentors not once did he lift a finger neither did he speak a word to curse instead he prayed for them saying, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” (Isaiah 53:7, Luke 23:34).

You may not have done it on purpose, but for some reasons beyond your imagination, you may have found out that you hurt other people’s feelings and you will like to reconcile this before God. Perhaps the Holy Spirit has convicted you of hurting other people’s feelings and you wonder how to go about it. The following Bible Prayer will help you to pray for God’s forgiveness and cause you to repent from hurting others henceforth.

Prayer out loud Bible Prayer of forgiveness and Repentance


Dear God, I know nothing is hidden before you and you know all things. You search deeper within the way things appear and you watch my heart and my intentions at all times. (Luke 8:17)

    1. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I come humbly before you today asking that you forgive me for when I have not obeyed your commandment, to love others as you have loved me.
(John 15:12)

Forgive me for the times when I have despised wisdom and instruction and I have not done unto others as I would like for them to do to me.
(Proverbs 1:7), (Luke 6:31)

Forgive me for the times I have not been sensitive enough to the sufferings of my brothers and sisters in Christ but rather I have focused solely on my own sufferings.
(1 Peter 5:9)

Forgive me for the times I have not loved my enemies and pray for those who persecuted me.
(Matthew 5:44)

Forgive me for holding onto the hurts I have suffered from others and using it against my brothers and sisters in Christ.
(Matthew 6:14-15)

Help me to forgive others just as you have forgiven me so that we can all be healed through your healing balm in Jesus name I pray. Amen