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Healing for the Hurting Christians

I was going through my inbox one day when I stumbled upon an old email from a friend. The email content contained a long hurting conversation with my friend. We were both offended by each others behaviour and felt hurt towards each other, yet none of us was willing to back down. My friend and I have since reconciled our differences but for many years before our reconciliation, my hurt was buried deep within my heart and I carried on with life as if it things were good. Time they say heals pain, it was not until the cause of my pain resurfaced in an old email did I realise that I was still hurting. Thankfully the Holy Spirit intervened and I received my complete healing. Continue reading “Healing for the Hurting Christians”

Healing for the Heartbroken Christians

I remember the day my heart was broken over past sins. Before that day, I was stubborn, proud, selfish, immature and I made hasty decisions. I didn’t know I was all these but a time came when God convicted me of these sins and my heart was completely broken. I was overwhelmed by God’s mercy and how without condemnation or rejection, he steadily broke my heart for what breaks his heart. Though my sins were exhumed from deep within, God healed my broken heart with his forgiveness and his great love. Continue reading “Healing for the Heartbroken Christians”

Protect Yourself From Sicknesses and Diseases

When I see the blood I will pass over you (Exodus 12:13). When sicknesses or any terrible diseases see the blood of Jesus on you, they must pass over. The blood of the lamb was shed for your healing. Christ already paid the price for your well-being. You have a new covenant of peace and well-being in Christ.

You no longer need to pay for the consequences of past sins. The devil no longer needs to accuse you of ignorance or negligence before the father. You can shut the access door against your health in the devil’s face and you can tell the devil that by the virtue of your association with Christ, you have the power to walk over scorpions and serpents and to crush them, from now on nothing shall by any means hurt you. Continue reading “Protect Yourself From Sicknesses and Diseases”