Adoption into God’s Kingdom

I am chosen by Christ and accepted by the saints into God’s Kingdom. I am no longer rejected or condemned to hell. I am no longer forsaken to die and perish in sin. Now I am a child of God. I am drafted from darkness into the kingdom of light. I am drafted from disgrace into grace and from judgement into a life of mercy. I am no longer on the outside of grace but I am on the inside of mercy and love. Henceforth. I will thrive on on love and live in mercy with humility in my heart. I will live holy and blameless before God and I will work out my salvation for as long as grace and mercy are suffient for me. God loves me. I am his own child whom he adopted into his family. He is proud of me and he shows me of to the world. Now the world will call me a blessed child of God.

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