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Get Back Your Self-Worth Biblical Declarations

This is for the Christian who sometimes feel less self-worth. This is for you who the society oftentimes make you feel a little less of who you are. It is for you who the community, friends, family or loved ones make you feel less of who the Lord created you to be. This is for you who sometimes get hurt as a result of people’s judgemental opinion of your behaviour, you who suffer from constant criticisms of your choices or disapproval of your decisions in life and making you feel less confident of your self-worth. Continue reading “Get Back Your Self-Worth Biblical Declarations”

21 Biblical Declarations that Boosts Your Self-Confidence

You don’t always feel self confident. Nobody does, not everyday nor all day long anyway, but it’s okay, because life isn’t always rosy. It has its ups and downs, it throws it’s curve balls at you all day long, and it will continue to knock you down until your dying breath. That’s just life and, there’s just no escaping from it.

However, those life challenges aren’t meant to keep you down for life. They may break you but they’re also meant to mould and remould you so that you can learn to build your confidence, stand on your own two feet and grow into maturity.

It is through those life lessons that you can become who God created you to be and it’s through those life challenges that you can step into a better future or into your greatness. So therefore, the only thing that can stop you from moving forward or from living your best life is you.

If you don’t try reaching out to God for help in this seasonal era, life will keep you down, and the only person who can give you long lasting confidence is Christ. Through his words, you can renew your mind, transform your life and create the world you’ve always wanted for yourself and the people around you.

So, whenever you need to prepare yourself for days of trials or when going through life’s difficulties and in need of a confidence boost, why not reach out for these biblical declarations and prayers? They’ll help remind you of God’s promises to you, realign your focus on God and help you achieve a confidence level in Christ that is long lasting, and can withstand any challenges that come your way.

Anybody who wants to succeed always need to talk to themselves first, because in the talking you examine yourself and affirm your capabilities. It is in the talking that you establish your knowledge, accept your desires and build up your hope for the best.

Afterall, there isn’t anyone who goes for an interview without having first prepared themselves? Such a person is either a genius, being exposed to that line of work or is just ready for failure. For anyone who prepares themselves ahead of a test is the person who tend to succeed during trials.

Therefore, if you were to go for an interview, you will need to prepare yourself so that you can speak confidently before your interviewer. You either speak to yourself in the mirror or talk to your friends  about possible questions and scenarios to boost your confidence.

The same principle applies when walking into a room full of strangers; life coaches will tell you, speak to yourself before you get to the venue, walk tall, make eye contact with somebody in the room and smile so that you may appear confident. In the kingdom of God, however, you do not need to fake it till you make it, you can simply claim the truth God has said about you and believe that your confidence will shoot through the roof Continue reading “21 Biblical Declarations that Boosts Your Self-Confidence”